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    International state-of-the-art technology from Bavaria

    Mahlo provides measurement, automation and control systems for the worldwide textile, finishing, coating & converting, pastic & film and pulp & paper sector. We always try to improve things just a bit more!


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    Solutions for the textile and finishing industry

    Web distortion in textile or carpet? Process control for stenters and drying processes? Monitoring the colour metrics of your dying processes?


    Regardless of the challenges of the textile industry – Mahlo has the right solutions ready.

  • We bring together what belongs together!

    Applications for manufacturing, processing and finishing of nonwovens

    Mahlo supplies a quality control system tailored to your respective application and for your specific measurement and control needs for the entire nonwoven area – whether kitchen towels, diaper components or geotextile sheets.


    Quality control systems from Mahlo - benefit from our experience of many years!

  • We ensure coatings with quality!

    Quality control systems for finishing and coating of flexible materials

    You manufacture adhesive tape or food packaging? Gift wrapping paper, automotive roof liners, sanding paper, floor covering, truck tarpaulins, ...?

    Mahlo is your partner in the area of processing, coating, finishing and calendering of flexible materials such as paper, film, foil, nonwovens and textile.

    Custom-tailored quality control systems from Mahlo!

  • We test everything to the last fiber!

    Quality control for paper, tissue, pulp, carton and cardboard

    Narrow tolerances of quality and condition must be observed with the manufacturing, processing and coating of pulp, tissue, hygiene paper, carton and cardboard. Optimise product and process quality and productivity with measuring systems for the wet and dry area from Mahlo


    Flexible and configurable measuring systems for quality control from Mahlo. 

  • We make film an innovation!

    Quality control for film, coating, calendering and beyond

    The market of the plastics and film industry is a battle field, difficult to manage and requires expert knowledge. Mahlo is your partner in the areas of coating & finishing, calendering and extrusion of film and foil. This will give you the decisive competitive advantage in a tough market. 


    Flexible and configurable measuring systems for quality control from Mahlo. 

Weft straighteners from Mahlo

Weft straighteners

... from Mahlo - The best way in the world to realign distorted fabric

Mahlo offers a wide range of skew detection and correction systems.


An Orthopac straightening system detects and realigns distorted woven and knitted fabric or tufted carpeting.


The pin wheel straightening system Orthomax is a fusion of a classic straightener and a pin wheel straightener.


The Orthofact is the classic pin wheel straigthener.

Process control from Mahlo

Process control

... that pays for itself

The most valuable energy is the one that is not used!

If you want to lower costs by optimising profitability and adding value, there is a simple way to reach this objective: by saving energy. Mahlo supports you with optimised process control.


The energy efficiency of the production plants can be drastically increased through suitable measuring and control technology from Mahlo. This means, at the same time, increased productivity with usually improved reproducible quality, optimised raw materials usage and work effort accompanied by clearly improved plant utilisation.

Quality control systems from Mahlo

Quality control

... for textile, nonwoven, coating & converting, extrusion and paper

Traversing quality control system Qualiscan QMS-12


The traversing quality guidance system Qualiscan QMS can measure and control critical process parameters on the running web across the entire width of the product.


We provide a large selection of measuring sensors to handle diverse tasks like control of weight per unit area, coating weight, thickness, moisture etc.




Mahlo displays at NPE 2015

The Mahlo team welcomes guests and friends at the NPE 2015 in Orlando at booth W7491

Visit Mahlo at booth no. W7491 at the National Plastics Exhibition in Orlando.

At the NPE 2015 from 23 - 27 Juli, Mahlo displays innovative solutions for on-line web gauging and measurement for plastics, film extrusion,...[read more]


ICE 2015 - The Movie

Mahlo says: "Thanks and goodbye, until next time!"

The ICE 2015 has closed its doors. The Mahlo-Team of the ICE 2015 says "Thank you!" with a short retrospective of the trade show. [read more]


Munich's calling - a good show for Mahlo at ICE 2015

Mahlo displays at ICE 2015 in hall A5 booth no. 1012

Innovative Coating & Converting Measurement on display

The third and final day of the international Coating & Converting Exhibition ICE 2015 in Munich has begun. Mahlo presents new developments in the fields of...[read more]

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