Optipac VMC-15

A most effective process control for stenter frames

Optipac VMC-15
Optipac VMC-15

A modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters such as dwell time, thread density, residual moisture, m2-weight and exhaust air humidity, etc. across the full width of the product.

This modularly designed process control system, intended mainly for monitoring stenter frames, consists of a number of various modules for measuring and controlling specific process parameters. The system can be expanded at any time depending on need and investment budgets!

The precise monitoring and control of drying processes results in potential energy savings of up to 30%. Productivity and quality of the product are increased and reproducible.

Product highlights Customer benefits
  • Online monitoring and control of all relevant parameters
  • Modular system architecture
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimised quality assurance
  • Optimised process repeatability

Available Sensors

Dwell / Fixing Time Thread count g/m2 weight Residual Moisture
Permaset VMT: Sensor for product temperature Famacont PMC: Sensor for thread count Gravmat FMI: Sensor for weight per unit area Textometer RMS: Sensor for residual moisture
Permaset VMT > Famacont PMC > Gravimat FMI > Textometer RMS >


Exhaust Air Humidity Product Width
Temperature Profile
Stretch / Shrinkage
Ecomat AML: Sensor for exhaust air humidity Wilot WMR: Sensor for product width Thermoscan OMF: Sensor for product temperature profile Elotex DMG: Sensor for product stretch & shrinkage
Ecomat AML > Wilot WMR > Thermoscan OMF >

Elotex DMG >


Moisture Profile
Textodrive TMS: Sensor for residual moisture profile      
Textodrive TMS >      


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