Textometer DMB

Portable moisture meter and temperature gauge

Textometer DMB
Textometer DMB

The Textometer DMB is a handy, digital instrument for precisely controlling the moisture content of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished materials. In addition, the surface temperature can be measured with or without contact. With an add-on, the Textometer DMB can also be used as a conductivity gauge for electrostatic flock coating.

A comprehensive set of accessories for different applications

  • 201 Electrode with short spikes for cops, cheeses and other spools, spike length 15 mm
  • 202 Electrode with medium-sized spikes for roving bobbins, and lightly wound cheeses, spike length 30 mm
  • 203 Electrode with long spikes for lightly wound cheeses, and hank yarn, spike length 38 mm
  • 204 Comb electrode for delicate fibres (rayon, paper yarn etc.) and tightly wound cops, cones or cheeses
  • 205 Electrode with twin spikes for card sliver, combed sliver and packaged hank yarn, spike length 160 mm
  • 206 Bale electrode for lightly to medium packed bales of fibre, spike length 150 mm
  • 207 Surface-contact electrode for flock, fleece, ribbon, hank yarn, knitted and woven fabrics
  • 215/3 Roller electrode for online material and yarn sheet
  • 216 Special bale electrode for tightly packed bales of cotton and rayon staple fibre, comprising two 500 mm long drill bits, socket wrench and connecting cable
  • 220/10 Cable and grip for connection of  electrodes 201-207, 215 and 222
  • 222 Base adaptor for electrodes 201-204
  • PT100 Hand-held sensor for direct contact measurement of temperature
  • Infrared pyrometer for non-contact measurement of surface temperature (scanning spot can be localized with a laser pointer)
  • 228 Carrying case for meter and accessories

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