A non-contact system for measuring continuously the weight per m² of on-line material.

Control of weight per m² considerably reduces variations in square measure, and thus guarantees a uniform end product of consistent weight.

Gravimat FMI
Gravimat FMI

This monitoring and control gauge measures basis weight continuously, non-destructively and online.

Precise online monitoring of the basis weight of webs on many processing lines in the textile and coating industry is used as a means to determine that vital criterion in the assessment of quality. The important thing is to measure the weight online under the given industrial conditions and with a high degree of repeatability.

In addition to ensuring product quality, by setting an appropriate target weight with tightly selected tolerances, considerable savings in material and energy consumption can be achieved along with an increase in productivity and the reliability of the process.

Product highlights

 Customer benefits
  • Excellent repeatability of
    the measured values
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Digital signal processing
  • Material savings
  • Quality assurance
  • Increased productivity


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