Wilot WMR-12

Measurement of product width

Wilot WMR
Wilot WMR

The Wilot WMR is a reliable instrument for non-contact, continuous measurement of product width, especially at the delivery end of a stenter. A Wilot WMR helps finishers to maintain the quality specifications of their customers and minimise the costs incurred by rejects and impaired quality standards.

IR-LEDs in reflex mode determine product width. The operator can adjust the sensitivity of the sensors at the control panel supplied, and specify maximum and minimum permissible product width for alarm functions.

Since the sensor module is arranged on one side only of the online material, it is most flexible in terms of choice of location.


  • Stenter frames
  • Levelling stenters
  • etc.
Product highlights  Customer benefits
  • Non-contact and continuous
  • Digital signal processing helps it determine product width with the utmost accuracy
  • Universal application
  • High standard of repeatability
  • Homogenous product appearance
  • Documentation of product quality


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