Company history

1945 Foundation of the Dr.eng. Heinz Mahlo Electromechanical Workshops (5 Aug 1945)
1948 Textometer RMS: Development and manufacture of the first moisture monitor
1959 Orthomat FMC: 1st weft-control system at ITMA in Milan display
1967 ITMA in Basel: 200 Orthomats for the USSR
1968 Foundation of Mahlo America Inc.
1972 Formation of Mahlo Ouest S.A.R.L. in France
1979 Death of Dr. Heinz Mahlo (10 May 1979)
1985 Purchase of land with additional buildings
1988 Establishment of Mahlo do Brasil Controle de Processos Ltda.
1989 Establishment of Mahlo Italia S.R.L.
1995 Qualiscan QMS: Launch of the quality-control system for the nonwoven, paper and plastics industries
1996 Patcontrol PCS: Launch of the control system for straightening of patterned textiles
1998 Colorscan CIS: Launch of the color and colormetric inspection system
1999 ITMA in Paris: The 10A systems, the latest generation on display
2000 Factory premises extended with new production hall
2000 Establishment of Mahlo Asia Ltd.
2001 Establishment of Mahlo España S.L.
2003 ITMA in Birmingham: The 12 systems, the latest generation on display
2004 Foundation Mahlo de Mexico SA de CV
2005 Hybridscanning: Launch of the new hybrid distortion detection
2006 Factory premises extended with new warehouse
2007 ITMA in Munich: A bunch of innovations on display
2008 Launch of Qualiscan QMS-12 with new measuring frames (WebPro L, M, S)
2010 ITMA in Shanghai: Launch of the drum dryer control Atmoset SMT-12
2011 ITMA in Barcelona: New pin-wheel straightener Orthofact RMB on display
2012 Launch of the combination of pin wheel straightener and weft straightener Orthomax RFMB-12
2015 Introduced the new straightening generation Orthopac 15, 70th Anniversary of Mahlo
2016 Launch of the new portable moisture meter Textometer DMB-15
2018 Building of the new production hall for Qualiscan QMS
2019 ITMA Barcelona: Introduction of the industrial concept for digitalisation mSmart with the data analysis tool mLog
Video: 70 Years of Mahlo
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