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Mahlo America Inc. in Spartanburg, SC
The premises in Spartanburg are the hub for Mahlo's activities in America.

Mahlo America specializes in helping to ensure the consistent, uncompromising quality of any product you produce in a web process, from nonwovens, plastics and paper to carpet and textiles.

Why do so many industry leaders worldwide rely on Mahlo high performance systems to optimize their process and reduce cost to manufacture?

We can answer that quite easily!

Quality & Innovation

Quality is the foundation of our business. We are constantly seeking to improve our products, services and processes. Our goal is to make our customers’ work easier and more efficient by providing them with state-of-the-art technology.

Partnership & Added Value

Long-term partnerships are of great importance to us. We want to deliver added value for the users of Mahlo equipment by aligning our efforts with the needs of our customers. Our leading solutions offer the best performance/cost ratio. Our service offerings ensure that our customers can apply their product optimally over a long time frame.

Trust, Respect & Responsibility

As a family-owned company, common values are of great importance to us. We want to meet our employees and clients with respect and trust. For us, thoughtful and sustainable company policies are the way to joint success.

Mahlo America: A home away from home

Mahlo America, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, was established in 1968 to provide direct support to our customers located in the United States and Canada. Our staff on-site, along with a network of sales and service offices throughout North America, is strongly committed to helping our customers improve their manufacturing process and product quality while reducing their cost to manufacture.

Web pilot line

Video: The QCS Web gauging pilot Line at Mahlo America

In addition, our US office also maintains a comprehensive spare parts inventory and houses a fully operational pilot line for product testing, sample evaluation, and technical training. The line is capable of processing up to 75 inch wide webs and is equipped with a full suite of traversing scanners and measurement sensors for detailed analysis of any roll good product. 

Mahlo America's service center
A well equipped workshop facilitates well-trained service engineers during their day-to-day work.
Technical Support Center

Our knowledgeable and highly experienced staff stands ready to assist you and welcomes your inquiries.

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Bavaria: Our home base

Since 1945, Mahlo has built its reputation based upon the design and manufacture of rugged, innovative, and cost effective on-line monitoring and control technologies. It is our focus to provide our customers with tailored solutions that offer a quick return on investment and are supported by our experienced and responsive technical support team. 

Mahlo is headquartered in Saal, Germany, just one hour drive northeast of Munich. The company is still privately owned by the Mahlo family and takes great pride in continuing the tradition of quality built products based upon German engineering and craftsmanship. Currently, Mahlo has more than 250 employees worldwide and is supported by over 90 sales and service centers in 115 different countries.

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Eric Reber

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