Coating & Converting – Measuring systems for quality control

Solutions for finishing and coating of flexible materials

Measuring systems and process control for all coating, converting, calendering and allied industries

Because of our wealth of experience and subject knowledge in quality control with coating & converting, finishing and calendering, we can adjust systems especially for the following processes.

Coating & Converting / Finishing
  • Roll Coating
  • Direct Die Coating
  • Laminating
  • Curtain Coating
  • Rod Coating
  • Saturating
  • Knife-over-Roll / Belt Coating
  • Air Knife Coating
  • Kiss Coating
    • Rubber Calendering
    • Vinyl Calendering
    • Embossing Calendering
    • Laminating

    Mahlo is a strong partner in the area of processing, coating, finishing and calendering of flexible materials such as paper, film, foil, nonwovens and textile.

    Whether you manufacture adhesive tape or food packaging, gift wrapping paper or automotive roof liners, sanding paper or floor covering, truck tarpaulins or band aids: Mahlo supplies you with a quality control system custom-tailored to your respective application and your special process requirements.

    Systems are available from the fixed measuring point to traversing measuring systems for single and double-sided measurements with several synchronised scanners.

    Quality control with the Qualiscan QMS

    Qualiscan QMS-12

    The traversing quality guidance system Qualiscan QMS can measure and control critical process parameters on the running web across the entire width of the product. We provide a large selection of measuring sensors to handle diverse tasks.

    Measurement of basis weight / coating add-on

    Measurement of basis weight / coating add-on

    We use the following sensors for basis weight measurement:

    • Isotope sensors
    • X-ray sensors for reflection measurement and transmission measurement
    • Infrared sensors

    Measurement of moisture

    Measurement of moisture

    We offer the following sensors for moisture measurement:

    • Microwave resonance sensors
    • Infrared sensors for reflection measurement and transmission measurement

    Measurement of material thickness

    Measurement of material thickness

    We use the following sensors for thickness measurement:

    • Laser reflection measuring systems
    • White light interference sensors
    Do you also need to master the challenges of the coating & converting market?
    • Do you need unsophisticated and precise measurement of thinner coats and layers in the coating process?
    • Are you looking for coating measurement without radioactivity? 
    • Do you want to optimise basis weight, moisture and thickness in the finishing process and increase the productivity and degree of utilisation of your machines?

    Mahlo has been providing answers to these and other issues of the market for over 25 years. We offer modular and individually adjustable measuring, control and automation systems for all requirements for the coating & converting industry.

    Benefit from our experience of many years!

    The market for coating & converting is very diverse and, at the same time, highly specialised. These industry sectors are marked by increasing competition, which narrows the profit margins and produces more complex product specifications. This requires a system for quality control which is both flexible and configurable.

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