Extrusion – Quality control for film, coating, calendering and more

Measuring systems for the plastic and film industry

Benefit from our experience of many years!

Our know-how of the industry sectors of plastics, film, extrusion, coating and calendering enables us to adjust our measuring systems and process control in a custom manner for the following processes:

Coating / Finishing
  • Roll coating
  • Direct coating
  • Laminating
  • Curtain Coating
  • Rod Coating
  • Saturating
  • Knife-over-Roll / Belt Coating
  • Air Knife Coating
  • Kiss Coating
  • Rubber Calendering
  • Vinyl Calendering
  • Embossing Calendering
  • Laminating
  • Roll Casting
  • Sheet Extrusion
  • Extrusion Coating
  • Coextrusion
  • Pultrusion
  • Foam Extrusion
Mahlo is your partner in the areas of coating & finishing, calendering and extrusion of film and foil.

The market of the plastics and film industry is a battle field, difficult to manage and requires expert knowledge. With Mahlo as your partner you will benefit from a system for quality control that can both be used universally and also adapted individually. This will give you the decisive competitive advantage in a tough market.

Quality control with the Qualiscan QMS

Qualiscan QMS-12

The traversing quality guidance system Qualiscan QMS can measure and control critical process parameters on the running web across the entire width of the product. We provide a large selection of measuring sensors to handle diverse tasks.

Measurement of basis weight / coating add-on

Measurement of basis weight / coating add-on

We use the following sensors for basis weight measurement:

  • Isotope sensors
  • X-ray sensors for reflection measurement and transmission measurement
  • Infrared sensors

Measurement of moisture

Measurement of moisture

We offer the following sensors for moisture measurement:

  • Microwave resonance sensors
  • Infrared sensors for reflection measurement and transmission measurement

Measurement of material thickness

Measurement of material thickness

We use the following sensors for thickness measurement:

  • Laser reflection measuring systems
  • White light interference sensors
Are you faced with the challenges of the plastics and film market?
  • Do you need to know the exact film thickness of thin layers?
  • Do you want to measure the transparent coats on film and mono-film? Do you need the thickness of the coat and at the same time of the film?
  • Do you need to measure the individual components of sandwich layer film individually (e.g. PU or PE)?
  • Do you need precise profile control for transverse and linear profiles with coating, calendering or extrusion?
  • Do you want to observe narrowest processing tolerances through quality control?

Systems from Mahlo will superbly equip you for all these and other tasks. Mahlo has been offering measuring, control and automation systems for all customer requirements for the plastics and film industry for over 25 years. 

With the extrusion and coating of film the profile control of transverse and linear profile (CD Control / MD Control) is extremely important. This is mastered by the Mahlo measuring systems.


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