Infrared sensors

Infrared transmission / reflection – Measurement of moisture, basis weight, thickness

By means of optical evaluation of the reflected light energy in the near-infrared range (NIR), important product-specific parameters such as moisture (water), coating weight, thickness, and organic components in the web can be measured during the manufacturing process.

Its non-nuclear measurement technique is very selective and offers an accurate and cost-effective measurement solution that can be supplied in either single-sided reflection, or dual-sided transmission modes.

Webtemp WTP

Measurement of web temperature

Infrared measurement

Infrared sensor for the surface temperature in the measuring gap of the quality control system Qualiscan QMS. For some applications an even temperature distribution in the cross direction profile of the fabric is important. The Webtemp delivers this temperature profile precisely and without contact.

Product Highlights

  • non-contacting, non-destructive
  • insensitive to web flutter and dirt
  • simple and low maintenance

Customer benefits

  • Precise measurement of the cross direction temperature profile
  • Determination of temperature fluctuations and trends

Measuring range-50 - 975°C
Measuring distance0 - 800mm