X-Ray sensors

X-Ray transmission​ - Measurement of basis weight, thickness and density

The intensity of X-rays is weakened according to the mass of the penetrated layer. This weakening allows determining the basis weight of nearly all materials. Different high-voltage ranges are used for different weight ranges. No radiation protection precautions are required in Europe and many other countries for X-ray radiation energy less than 5 kV.

X-Ray transmission is very suitable for materials consisting only of a single component. The advantage compared to beta emitters is the emission of the X-ray tube that can be shut off.

The density of the product web can also be determined in combination with thickness sensors. If the density of the measured product is known, however, and remains constant, the material thickness can also be determined via the basis weight.

Gravimat FMX-T

Measurement of basis weight (mass per unit area) / thickness / density

Transmission of X-rays

The Gravimat FMX-T permits the contactless and traversing measurement of basis weight (grammage) / thickness of the running product webs over the entire product width. It measures thin film, nonwovens and other fabric with high resolution, measuring accuracy and absence of flaws.

<5 kV

The sensor variant <5kV is completely exempt from radiation protection regulations in Europe and many other countries.

Product Highlights

  • Non-nuclear
  • Contactless, non-destructive
  • Intelligent sensor with fast onboard micro processing

Customer benefits

  • Non-destructive, continuous measurement of basis weight / thickness
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Low maintenance and low cost of ownership

Low voltage but high accuracy

The Mahlo FMX-T is a low voltage X-ray sensor that measures the basis weight (or calculated thickness) of thin films, nonwovens, and other webs with ultra-fine resolution, accuracy and defect detection.

There are a lot of benefits:

  • Non-Nuclear: X-ray tube works without radioactive isotope emitter and can be turned off
  • X-Ray energy below 5kv and exempt from Regulations!
  • Can measure a large range of thickness down to very thin films
  • Excellent CD resolution for accurate profile control
  • Finely focused measurement spot for very narrow Streak / Die Line / Defect Detection
  • Virtually no measurement noise
  • No water cooling required (< 5 kV)

The Gravimat FMX sensor consists of a compact X-ray tube and its high voltage supply as well as special modern X-ray detectors with the electronics for data acquisition. It is completely insensitive to environmental influences such as temperature and humidity. This new measuring principle with the proven components is used for data acquisition and processing by Mahlo and is therefore fully compatible with other products of the Qualiscan QMS family.

The way in which X-rays interact with mass allows the measurement of a very wide range of basis weights with only one sensor - from 50 - 20,000 g/m2 with the fabric on a counter roll or also free-floating!

Acceleration voltage<58 - 1515 - 50kV
Measuring rangePET: 5 - 1000PET: 14000

PET: 99000
Glass: 20000