Prälat-Michael-Thaller-School is happy about cheque

Works council and employees have donated

Scheckübergabe der Spende von Mahlo an Prälat-Michael-Thaller-Schule

Mahlo spendet 300 Euro an Prälat-Michael-Thaller-Schule

A cheque for 300 euros is the result of a collection campaign organised by the works council of Mahlo GmbH + Co KG. In the pre-Christmas period, the employees of the mechanical engineering company collected for a donation. Now the sum was handed over to the Prälat-Michael-Thaller-School. 

Headmaster Wolfgang Niemitz received the cheque from BR chairman Matthias Ziegler and works councilor Barbara Ipfelkofer - representing the Mahlo staff. Niemitz was pleased to say that the money could be used to do a lot of good: "With it, for example, we support pupils in taking part in excursions that would otherwise not have been possible due to their personal situation". Alternatively, equipment or teaching materials could be purchased.

The Mahlo works council is certain that the donation is a perfect match for the Prälat-Michael-Thaller-School. The private special educational support centre, based in Amberg and with branches in Biburg, Mainburg, Mitterfecking and Rohr, offers children and young people a diagnosis-guided, differentiated range of services, which extends to diagnostic and support classes, school-preparatory facilities and day care centres.