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    Weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15

    Orthopac RVMC-15 Bestseller

    Classic optical weft straightener

    Weft straightening the way it should be ...

    The Orthopac RVMC is the universally employable straightening system from Mahlo for the correction of fabric distortions for nearly all applications.…

    Orthopac FMC EP

    Orthopac FMC-15 Bestseller

    Distortion control system

    Bow and skew detection and control

    The Orthopac FMC automatic straightener is the heart and core of the Orthopac. The device consists of an optical scanning system and electronic control for…

    Orthomax RFMB - Fusion of pin wheel and roller straightening

    Orthomax RFMB-15 Bestseller

    Fusion of pin wheel and roller straightening

    Removing all types of distortions

    The fusion of pin wheel and roller straightening technology perfectly combines the advantages of both technologies and provides amazing straightening results.…

    Orthopac MFRC – Fine straightener

    Orthopac MFRC-15

    Fine tune straightener

    Fine-tune straightening of residual distortion

    This model represents a compact fine-straightening system for the correction of residual distortions. The special strength of the Orthopac MFRC is…

    Orthopac GMFRC – Heavy-duty fine weft straightener

    Orthopac GMFRC-15

    Heavy-duty fine tune straightener

    Fine-tune straightening for heavyweight fabrics

    The special strength of the Orthopac GMFRC is the extremely high straightening accuracy at relatively small distortions. Thanks to reinforced…

    Orthopac GRVMC - Heavy-duty weft straightener

    Orthopac GRVMC-15

    Modular straightening and process control system for heavyweight materials

    Heavy-duty weft straightening

    The heavy duty version. High demands due to large product widths (e.g. carpet) or dimensionally stable textiles with defined skew settings (e.g. denim) require a…

    Orthopac CRVMC - Weft straightener for carpets and technical textiles

    Orthopac CRVMC-12

    Special weft straightener for carpets and technical textiles

    When the going gets rough ...

    The Orthopac CRVMC is especially designed for high mechanical load. Thanks to reinforced components, it is ideal for processing very heavyweight and wide…

     Weft Straightener Orthopac RXVMC

    Orthopac RXVMC-20

    High-end straightening and process control system

    Precision straightening machine

    Control and actuation at the same time: The Orthopac RXVMC is the only straightening system worldwide to offer this unique combination. This completely new…

    Orthofact RMB-15 – Classic pin wheel straightening machine

    Orthofact RMB-15

    Automatic pin wheel straightening system

    Removing irregular distortions

    Asymmetrical distortions (wavy, S-shaped, etc.) in textiles have always represented a huge challenge in the textile industry. A special straightening approach is…