Meet crucial requirements

Confronted by the most stringent demands with respect to any residual distortion, there is often a need to work out extra-special straightening concepts. Mahlo® responded to this demand by working out individualised solutions.

This became a necessity since it is often the case that straightening ahead of a stenter simply does not suffice. Distortions, especially bow, can still occur in the stenter itself. This is why the weft configuration is often sensed by scanners just after the fabric has left the stenter‘s draw-off roller.

Bowed weft is realigned by controlling the speed of this roller and /or by the combined skew / bow roller of an Orthopac MFRC straightener.

Product highlights  Customer benefits
  • Combines all the benefits of
    all other straightening devices
  • Data management for continuous
  • Maintains the tightest
    distortion-related tolerances
  • Helps avoid complaints
  • Improves customer
Orthopac combi-system for wovens
Orthopac Combi-system for wovens
Orthopac combi-system for knits
Orthopac Combi-system for knits

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