Febratex Brazil

21 - 24 August 2018 in Blumenau, Brazil

Visit Mahlo at booth 39 - Setor1

For the 16th time, the Febratex trade show will take place in Blumenau, Brazil, for 4 days from Tuesday 21 to Friday 24 August.  Be sure to visit us at booth 39 –Setor 1! In Brazil, we concentrate on web gauging with our Qualiscan QMS-12 and our weft straightening technology with our straightener Orthopac RVMC.

Trends and Innovations

The Brazilian textile industry impresses with numbers that reflect its strength and potential for growth: the South American country is not only the second largest producer and third largest consumer of denim worldwide but also the fourth largest producer of knitwear and self-sufficient in cotton production. In contrast to many other countries, you can find everything you need for textile and apparel manufacturing within Brazil – from fiber to finishing.

It is therefore not surprising that this industrial branch with 29 000 companies and 1,5 million jobs as second largest employer is an important economic factor.

The Febratex shows a representative cross section of the Brazilian textile industry. The trade show is a must for all players in the market. Target audience for the fair is expert visitors, who want to get the latest news on technical innovations in the areas of cutting and sewing, punching, weaving, raw material, machines and applications for dry cleaning, automatic cutting, and printing. They have the chance to get in contact with more than 2400 national and international brands that are distributed to five pavilions at the Vila Germanica Park in Blumenau.   



Solutions for technical textiles from Mahlo

In the market for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens we provide renowned on-line measurement and control solutions for thickness, basis weight, density, coating add-on, and moisture. Another focus lies on innovative weft straighteners and detection and correction of web distortions. 

Featured Mahlo products at Febratex Brasil

Qualiscan QMS-12

Traversing quality control system

Qualiscan QMS-12
Qualiscan QMS-12

The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters over the entire width of the product, including basis weight, coating weight, thickness, moisture etc.

The Qualiscan QMS can be used in virtually every industrial sector in which products are produced as a web, or where they are finished (laminated, coated, etc.). The versatile sensors and measuring devices of the Qualiscan QMS series can sense, log and continuously control such parameters as basis weight (weight per unit area), coating weight, thickness and moisture in a variety of web-type products.

The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system consisting of multiple measuring sensors and traversing frames acting as intelligent nodes on a network. The individual components are linked through a normal Ethernet cable as found in any office for networking multiple PCs.

Product highlights Customer benefits
  • Modern construction with intelligent sensors and traversing frames
  • Based on industry standard hardened computers
  • running Windows embedded operating system
  • Components communicate through digital interfaces
  • Savings in raw materials and/or energy at the manufacturing stage
  • Uninterrupted monitoring and logging of actual product quality
  • Improvement in product quality, especially in conjunction with control

Product information (PDF)

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Exhibition: Febratex Brazil
Mahlo: 39 Setor 1
Country: Brazil
City: Blumenau
Venue: Centro de Eventos Vila Germanica
Date:  21 - 24 August 2018
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