Igatex 2016

20 - 23 Apr 2016 in Lahore, Pakistan

Visit Mahlo in hall 2 at booth no. 201

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The 9th International Garment, Textile & Leather Machinere & Accessories Exhibition & Conference

Located at the crossroads of Asia, Pakistan has become a focal point for Investors and has in recent years, gained recognition as an important market among other textile manufacturing countries of the region.

IGATEX Pakistan takes place from 20 - 23 April 2015 at the Expo Lahore. It is a professionally enriching experience for textile manufacturers, providing them an opportunity to directly experience cutting egde technology textile machinery.

The IGATEX 2016 in full swing.
The IGATEX 2016 in full swing.

At this pioneer and trendsetting exhibition in introducing Textile Machinery & Technology in Pakistan we welcome our guests at the joint booth no. 201 in hall 2 with our honored partners Al Ameen Trading.

In the Asian market we concentrate on straightening technologies with our weftstraightener Orthopac RVMC. Another focus lays on energy saving concepts such as the stenter process control system Optipac VMC or the drum dryer control system Atmoset SMT.

For detailed information about the trade show itself please visit the website of the exhibition: http://igatex.pk

Featured Mahlo products at the Igatex

Optipac VMC-15

A most effective process control for stenter frames

Optipac VMC-15
Optipac VMC-15

A modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters such as dwell time, thread density, residual moisture, basis weight and exhaust air humidity, etc. across the full width of the product.

This modularly designed process control system, intended mainly for monitoring stenter frames, consists of a number of various modules for measuring and controlling specific process parameters. The system can be expanded at any time depending on need and investment budgets!

The precise monitoring and control of drying processes results in potential energy savings of up to 30%. Productivity and quality of the product are increased and reproducible.

Product highlights Customer benefits
  • Online monitoring and control of all relevant parameters
  • Modular system architecture
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimised quality assurance
  • Optimised process repeatability

Product information (PDF)

Atmoset SMT-15

Optimising the heat output of drum dryers depending on the product

Atmoset SMT
Atmoset SMT

Drum dryers can be found in many production and finishing plants in the textile industry. They dry the product after wet treatment.

Drum driers are normally designed for the heaviest product and therefore usually overdimensioned. Heavy products are dried just correctly, but all other products are overdried. Enormous amounts of energy are thus wasted.

The Atmoset SMT enables a stable and effective drying process. The optimal degree of drying is always reached, regardless of the weight of the product or the web speed. Continuity of the production process and reproducibility of the product quality are ensured.

The energy consumption of the dryers drops significantly due to the optimised heat output. This saves energy costs.

Product highlights Customer benefits
  • Stable and effective drying process
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Easy to install
  • Optimised energy efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Increased process repeatability

Product information (PDF)

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Adnan Andac

Area Sales Manager
Near and Middle East, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Eastern Germany  


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Exhibition: Igatex

Mahlo: Hall 2 Booth 201

Country: Pakistan

City: Lahore

Venue: Expo Lahore

Date:  20 - 23 Apr 2016

Open: Daily 11:00h - 19:00h