Plastico Brasil

20 - 24 March 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Visit Mahlo at booth D 019

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International Plastics Exhibition

Plástico Brasil is an initiative by the Brazilian Machinery Builders' Association (ABIMAQ), and the Brazilian Association of Chemical Manufacturers (ABIQUIM), with the purpose of the organization and promotion of Exhibitions.

The Plastico Brasil trade fair in Sao Paulo presents a unique cross-section of the raw material, processing and application technology industries. Every year, companies from all over the world use this fair to present their latest technological developments, current and future solutions.

Trends and Innovations

By gathering the whole industrial chain of plastic, Plástico Brasil is created with the mission to leverage the development of the industry of machinery, equipment and accessories, and to stimulate the fulfillment of business with buyers from Brazil and abroad, seeking news, trends and innovations for the most varied applications.

Film & Extrusion solutions from Mahlo

You are welcome to our booth D 019 at Plastico Brasil in Brasil. We will show you the latest technology of non-radiometric coating and film measurement. 

In the international Film & Plastics market we provide renowned on-line measurement and control solutions for film/sheet thickness, basis weight, density, coating add-on and moisture. You will find non-nuclear sensors plus responsive, professional technical support, and the most reliable, well-built scanning platforms in the industry.

Measurement without radiation protection requirements!

The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters over the entire width of the product, including weight per unit area, coating weight, thickness, moisture etc.
Innovative coating & thickness measurement for extruded film!

Have you ever wondered how to measure thin layers and coatings straightforward and accurate? Whoever wants to measure thickness and coating of extruded film precisely can’t get past the quality controls systems of Mahlo!

Our team will advise you personally to all challenges posed by this topic.

Qualiscan QMS-12

Qualiscan QMS-12: Thickness & Coating Gauge for extruded film and paper
Qualiscan QMS-12: Thickness & Coating Gauge for extruded film and paper

The Qualiscan QMS-12 is the tool of choice for controlling critical process parameters in the processing of films and webs. Parameters such as layer thickness or humidity are controlled over the entire width. The process control is used for film extrusion, extrusion coating, roll casting and similar applications.

Up to 5 different sensors operate simultaneously, e.g. in the production of flexible packaging, food packaging, stretch films or adhesive tapes. The Qualiscan QMS-12 optimizes ROI and value add - by saving energy and resources while optimizing quality and equipment utilization. It can be used in industrial sectors in which products are produced as a web, like

  • Coating & Converting
  • Film & Extrusion
  • Nonwoven
  • Textile
  • Pulp & Paper
  • and many more ...

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Featured Mahlo products at Plastico Brasil

Qualiscan QMS-12

Traversing quality control system

Qualiscan QMS-12
Qualiscan QMS-12

The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters over the entire width of the product, including basis weight, coating weight, thickness, moisture etc.

The Qualiscan QMS can be used in virtually every industrial sector in which products are produced as a web, or where they are finished (laminated, coated, etc.). The versatile sensors and measuring devices of the Qualiscan QMS series can sense, log and continuously control such parameters as basis weight (weight per unit area), coating weight, thickness and moisture in a variety of web-type products.

The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system consisting of multiple measuring sensors and traversing frames acting as intelligent nodes on a network. The individual components are linked through a normal Ethernet cable as found in any office for networking multiple PCs.

Product highlights Customer benefits
  • Modern construction with intelligent sensors and traversing frames
  • Based on industry standard hardened computers
  • running Windows embedded operating system
  • Components communicate through digital interfaces
  • Savings in raw materials and/or energy at the manufacturing stage
  • Uninterrupted monitoring and logging of actual product quality
  • Improvement in product quality, especially in conjunction with control

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Exhibiton profile

Exhibition: Plastico Brasil
Mahlo: D 019
Country: Brasil
City: Sao Paulo
Venue: Sao Paulo Expo
Date:  20 - 24 Mar 2017
Open: Daily 10:00h - 17:00h