VDMA Forum Mexico 2017

German Technology meets Mexican Textile

Meet Mahlo at the B2B Matchmaking


08th - 09th November: Mexico City

Mexico’s textile industry is on the rise. Textile production is the fourth largest manufacturing sector. Nearly 420.000 people are working in this sector. The positive development is supported by the Mexican government. Specific goals are the modernisation with high-tech solutions and the promotion of internal and external invests.

Progress with the help of high-tech

At the forum "German Technology meets Mexican Textile”, decision makers of the two countries will have the opportunity to make contacts, to exchange information and to establish a mutually beneficial cooperation.

The forum mainly focuses on the question “how can Mexican textile manufacturers raise its competitiveness?” Mahlo can contribute a lot to this discussion. We are on site and present latest technologies in textile finishing and drying processes. Discuss with us your individual challenges!

Why meet us there?

  • Aren't you interested in developing and manufacturing new textile products?
  • Don't you wish to enhance your competitiveness by increasing the  production efficiency and quality of your textile products?
  • Don't you want to save energy and material resources in the  production process?
You do? Well then lets have a chat.

In Mexico, we focus on quality and process control with our traversing quality control system Qualiscan QMS-12. 

For detailed information about the Forum, please visit  www.germantech-mextextile.de

Featured Mahlo products at VDMA Forum Mexico

Qualiscan QMS-12

Traversing quality control system

Qualiscan QMS-12
Qualiscan QMS-12

The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters over the entire width of the product, including basis weight, coating weight, thickness, moisture etc.

The Qualiscan QMS can be used in virtually every industrial sector in which products are produced as a web, or where they are finished (laminated, coated, etc.). The versatile sensors and measuring devices of the Qualiscan QMS series can sense, log and continuously control such parameters as basis weight (weight per unit area), coating weight, thickness and moisture in a variety of web-type products.

The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system consisting of multiple measuring sensors and traversing frames acting as intelligent nodes on a network. The individual components are linked through a normal Ethernet cable as found in any office for networking multiple PCs.

Product highlights Customer benefits
  • Modern construction with intelligent sensors and traversing frames
  • Based on industry standard hardened computers
  • running Windows embedded operating system
  • Components communicate through digital interfaces
  • Savings in raw materials and/or energy at the manufacturing stage
  • Uninterrupted monitoring and logging of actual product quality
  • Improvement in product quality, especially in conjunction with control

Product information (PDF)

Optipac VMC-15

A most effective process control for stenter frames

Optipac VMC-15
Optipac VMC-15

A modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters such as dwell time, thread density, residual moisture, basis weight and exhaust air humidity, etc. across the full width of the product.

This modularly designed process control system, intended mainly for monitoring stenter frames, consists of a number of various modules for measuring and controlling specific process parameters. The system can be expanded at any time depending on need and investment budgets!

The precise monitoring and control of drying processes results in potential energy savings of up to 30%. Productivity and quality of the product are increased and reproducible.

Product highlights Customer benefits
  • Online monitoring and control of all relevant parameters
  • Modular system architecture
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimised quality assurance
  • Optimised process repeatability

Product information (PDF)

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Exhibiton profile

Exhibition: VDMA Forum

Mahlo: Info Booth

Country: Mexico

City: Mexico City

Venue: Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe

Date:  8 / 9 Nov 2017