19/20 May 2017 in Leipzig, Germany

Industry 4.0: When process control becomes science fiction

Industry 4.0

It was the textile industry which, with the industrial spinning machine and the mechanical loom, triggered the first industrial revolution at the end of the 18th century. Today, two and a half centuries later, Europe is talking about the fourth edition of these events. Industry 4.0 is currently a hot topic in all business discussion forums. Content: the networking of machines among each other. And again, the textile industry is part of it: on the 19th and 20th of May the eleventh textile finishing day takes place in Leipzig. Motto: "Industry 4.0 - Opportunities and Risks for the European Textile Processing Industry".

Mahlo already on the Industry 4.0 train

It goes without saying that Mahlo could not be absent on such a future-oriented topic. After all, most of the machines from the traditional Bavarian company are already configured to fit effortlessly into the Industrie 4.0 scheme. While many experts are still discussing the meaning and possibilities of the latest development, the current version of straighteners already has the possibilities to communicate with other machines.

The (textile machinery) Terminator?

What cineasts could regard for an early version of the Terminator series has many advantages in practice. Thus, a wearing part no longer waits for machine operators or service staff (usually much too late) to be aware that it has to be replaced. It sends the message in time to the host computer, which can trigger the order directly. Due to this procedure the spare part is available before the defective wear part becomes a major catastrophe.

Industry 4.0 - Controlled into the future

Karl-Heinz Beying and Stephan Kehry from Mahlo will outline the possibilities of modern process control in the context of the current subject under the headline "Industry 4.0 - Controlled into the future". In a case study, the speakers also show the possibilities already existing to create an "Internet of Things" via suitable interfaces. Other networks and machines can then access the interfaces already provided as standard. As a result, many processes can run faster and more reliably.

However, that the new emancipation of the machines does not get out of control, Sarah Connor and her son will take care subsequently...

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Event Facts

19/20 May 2017
Country: Germany
City: Leipzig
Venue: Leipziger KUBUS