Plastics & Rubber Indonesia

14 - 17 November 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia

Visit Mahlo at booth D1-8101

At the 31st Plastics & Rubber Indonesia, we are looking forward to welcome you at booth D1-8101 together with our honoured partner PT Victoria Blessing. Witness the latest Mahlo technology in web gauging and discuss your individual challenges with us!

Meeting point for Indonesia's plastics industry

The Indonesian market for plastics is on a high right now. It is expected to grow over 6 percent during the forecast period from 2018 to 2023. Within the market, packaging is the most important application segment. In its various forms, plastic is used for bottles, cups, containers, trays and many more. The fast growing of this business has also its downside, however: problems with plastic waste are almost growing as fast. To tackle this issue, the industry is looking for ways to reduce, recycle and reuse plastic waste or to develop ecofriendly products. As a consequence, producers are keen on updating their machinery and therefore are always looking for the latest technology. 

The Plastics and Rubber show is the perfect opportunity to meet and network with business leaders, suppliers and buyers. As the only dedicated plastics and rubber event in Indonesia, the show attracts about 13 000 professional visitors, all looking for the best solutions for their business.

Mahlo solutions for plastics and rubber

You are welcome to our booth D1-8101 at the Plastics and Rubber show in Jakarta. We will show you the latest technology of web gauging. 

In the international markets for coating, converting and extrusion, we provide renowned on-line measurement and control solutions for important process parameters such as thickness, basis weight, density, coating add-on and moisture. You will find non-nuclear sensors plus responsive, professional technical support, and the most reliable, well-built scanning platforms in the industry.

Featured Mahlo products at Plastics and Rubber Indonesia

Qualiscan QMS 12

Quality control

Product highlights

  • Modern construction with intelligent sensors and traversing frames
  • Based on industry standard hardened computers running Windows embedded operating system
  • Components communicate through digital interfaces

Customer benefits

  • Savings in raw materials and/or energy at the manufacturing stage
  • Uninterrupted monitoring and logging of actual product quality
  • Improvement in product quality, especially in conjunction with control

Web process control

The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters over the entire width of the product, including basis weight, coating weight, thickness, moisture etc.


Webpro XS-II

Up to 2 m

Product highlights

  • Easy to install and connect
  • A minimum of upkeep and maintenance costs, along with high availability and long service life
  • The ultra-precise carriageguide mechanism guarantees really accurate measurements from the various sensors

Customer benefits

  • Intelligent scanning frame with integrated real-time computer
  • Extremely rugged, mechanical construction assures troublefree operation and long service life
  • Maintenance-friendly design

Compact O-frame for small widths

The traversing frames of the type WebPro XS are used for many applications in various industries and are distinguished especially by their rugged, reliable and compact design. Traversing frames of this type can be used for product widths from 0.2 to max. 2 meters and can accommodate one Mahlo sensor.

The compatible design and use of precision linear slides permit installation even in restricted spaces


Infrascope NIR

Basis weight / moisture

Product highlights

  • Non-nuclear
  • Contactless, non-destructive
  • Intelligent sensor with fast onboard micro processing

Customer benefits

  • Non-destructive, continuous discrimination between multiple components
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Improved process understanding through online NIR spectral measurements

Absorption of infrared light

The Infrascope NIR monitors the absorption of infrared energy of all components on or in the web in the near infrared range. Measuring over the entire spectrum range and applying multivariate data analysis tools produces highly accurate calibration results from information in redundant spectra.

The Infrascope NIR is available in transmission and reflexion mode.

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Exhibition profile

Exhibition: Plastics & Rubber Indonesia
Mahlo: D1-8101
Country: Indonesia
City: Jakarta
Venue: Jakarta International Expo
Date: 14 - 17 November 2018
Open: Daily


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