Shanghaitex 2019

25 - 28 November in Shanghai, China

Meet Mahlo at booth W2 D17

We are looking forward to meeting you at ShanghaiTex 2019! For four days, the Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition presents trends and innovations in the textile industry in Asia and worldwide. A particular focus this year lies on Industry 4.0. No way, Mahlo will miss this!

Meeting point for the Asian textile industry

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Asia is the largest market for textile machineries worldwide. In China, more than half of all textile machines have been installed over the last ten years. In addition to classic woven fabrics, technical textiles are also becoming increasingly important on the Chinese market.

ShanghaiTex 2019 therefore lies one of its focus points on this topic. Which possibilities are there for  manufacturers? Which role does Industry 4.0 play? Exhibitors and visitors from all over the world can discuss these and other questions in length over the course of four days.

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Mahlo on the path to Industry 4.0

Of course, this trendsetting topic is one of Mahlo’s top priorities. mSmart is the name of our concept that defines the digital environment. With the new control room software mPilot, you can remotely control up to 10 Mahlo machines. And we are very proud to present the new mLog, a freshly designed data logging & analysis software with powerful search tool and sophisticated data assessment applications.

Our team is happy to inform you about our high-tech solutions to straighten, control and optimize textile goods at booth W2 D17. With the newest Mahlo-technologies, we have the solution for every challenge. In order to fulfill the various demands of the Chinese market, Mahlo offers a wide range of products, for example the weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15, the process control system Optipac VMC-15 or the quality control system QMS-12.

Featured Mahlo products at Shanghaitex

Orthopac RVMC 15

Distortion correction

Product highlights

  • Modular system architecture
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Operator-friendly
  • Informative process visualization

Customer benefits

  •  Online monitoring and regulation of all relevant parameters
  • Increased productivity
  • High production reliability
  • Optimised process repeatability
  • Documentation of quality
  • Providing a comparative basis for the quality standard
  • Considerable energy savings
  • Short amortisation times

Weft straightening the way it should be

The Orthopac RVMC is the universally employable straightening system from Mahlo for the correction of web distortions for nearly all applications. Available with hydraulic or electrical straightening roller adjustment.

The modular construction allows the system to be configured to meet the demands of changing conditions and requirements.


Optipac VMC 15

Process control

Product highlights

  • Modular system architecture
  • Operator-friendly
  • Informative process visualisation
  • Online monitoring and control of all relevant parameters
  • Easy to retrofit

Customer benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Optimised production security
  • Increased process reproducibility
  • Documentation and comparability of quality
  • Considerable energy savings
  • Short amortisation times

Optimizes finishing

The Orthopac VMC is a modular process control system for textile refinement. It optimises drying or fixing processes as well as the processes all about the stenter.

The system measures, logs and controls critical process parameters over the entire working width:

  • Temperature
  • Dwell time
  • Residual moisture
  • Exhaust air moisture
  • Thread density
  • Weight

This increases quality while saving resources and energy. The modular design of the system allows its flexible adaptation to all applications. Both, standard requirements and highly customized demands are thus met.

The system can also be integrated into an Orthopac straightening system. It thereby combines the functionality of a weft straightener with that of a process control system in one compact device


Famacont PMC

Famacont PMC 15

Thread density / Course density / Basis weight

Product highlights

  • Non-contacting and continuous
  • Determines the thread or knit density with the greatest accuracy using digital signal processing
  • With ”smart” feed forward control algorithm
  • Universal application

Customer benefits

  • High repeatability
  • Consistent residual shrinkage values
  • Homogeneous product appearance
  • Documentation of product quality
  • Short amortisation times

Optolectronic sensor / camera sensor

The Famacont PMC determines the thread density by means of a non-contacting, optoelectronic or imaging process. With the optoelectronic process individual threads or courses pass the sensor and are projected onto the photocell using a precision optical lens. The resulting frequency is proportional to the thread count.

A high-resolution camera is used with the imaging process. The image is analysed with using suitable software (FFT analysis). Both, the thread count in weft and warp direction can be determined here with maximum precision.

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Exhibiton profile

Exhibition: ShanghaiTex 2019
Mahlo: W2 D17
Country: China
City: Shanghai
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Date:  25 - 28 Nov 2019


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