Over 70 and still going strong

From radio manufacturer to global market leader in textile industry

Exactly two years ago, Mahlo celebrated its 70th birthday. Get a glimpse of the party and Mahlo's history with this short Report and an overview of the company's milestones.  

Mahlo celebrates its 70th birthday in 2015

From radio manufacturer to global market leader in textile industry

Mahlo's first production site
Workshop in 1945

When Dr. Heinz Mahlo founded the “Dr. Eng. Heinz Mahlo Electromechanical Workshops” on 5 August 1945, nobody could have known what a success story the small factory in Saal a.d. Donau (Lower Bavaria) would become. Today, 72 years later, the Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG employs over 200 staff members and ranks among the global market leaders for measurement, automation and control systems.

“We can do this!” This well-known motto had to be Dr. Heinz Mahlo’s maxim, too, in order to come up with the idea of founding your own factory right after World War II, when Germany still was in ruins. At the “Dr. Eng. Heinz Mahlo Electromechanical Workshops”, about one dozen employees built and repaired radios. In the beginning, the production site had its home at the back chambers of a tavern, goods had been paid in kind. As an engineer with visions and an instinct for technical innovations, Dr. Mahlo quickly changed the company’s course: in 1948 he developed and produced the first electrical moisture meter for the textile industry, named Textometer RMS. Demands from a steadily growing customer base led to further developments of measurement and control systems.

The company had its worldwide breakthrough about ten years later with the patent for the first automatic weft straightener. There, a combination of optical scanners and lightning detected distortions online and sent the information to a downstream control unit. Truly sensational! Up until this point, the inability of the human eye to detect distortions in fast running webs had often limited textile production. Even today, every modern weft straightener is based on this principle. With its revolutionary machine Orthomat FMC, which was officially introduced in 1959 at the textile fair ITMA in Milan, Mahlo soon supplied customers all over the world. Subsidiaries in the USA and France followed, in order to keep up with the company’s growth.

Development of new markets

Even the death of founder Heinz Mahlo in 1979 couldn’t stop the progress. One innovation was succeeded by the other – pushed by resourceful engineers who passed on the Mahlo spirit, supported by staff that fully stood by their company. That hasn’t changed up until now. To not completely depend on the textile industry, Mahlo also focused on other markets. With the quality control system Qualiscan QMS they could supply the nonwoven, plastics and paper industries by the 1990s. Again, a forward-looking decision: because right now, these are the branches that become more and more important.

Generation G15

Latest weft straightener RVMC-15

In perfect timing for the company’s 70th anniversary, the new generation of weft straightener systems G15 was launched in 2015. The Orthopac RVMC-15 is a modular straightening and process control system available throughout the entire process of textile outfitting. It combines the functionality of a weft straightener with that of a process control system in one compact device. The basic principle is still the same as with the first weft straightener; at the same time, the RVMC-15 is optimally equipped for every demand the future holds.

However, responsible for the big success are not only the technical innovations but first and foremost the company’s philosophy. Mahlo is still a family-owned business that puts emphasis on social togetherness. Nevertheless – or because of that –, the manufactory can successfully compete on the global market. The machines are produces exclusively in Germany to guarantee the high quality standards by specifically trained experts. Five subsidiaries in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Brazil and the USA serve as international bases; with more than 70 agencies and 40 service points all over the world, Mahlo operates in over 100 countries.

An ideal prerequisite to add more chapters to Mahlo’s success story…

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