Measurement and control technology for Indonesian plastic market

Plastics & Rubber Trade Show

Microplastics are on everyone’s lips at the moment – literally. As ambiguous as this phrase is, it clearly shows the problem that arises with the use of too much plastic. With officially 265 million people, Indonesia is one of the biggest plastics consumers in the world: food, beverages, clothes, furniture – there is de facto nothing that is not wrapped in plastic in order to beautify it for sale. With this mass of consumers a significant amount of plastic is produced every year.

German Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG responds to the international call for more ecological awareness also and especially in Indonesia.  The quality control system Qualiscan QMS is continuously monitoring the running web and ensures that not too much plastic is processed. Depending on the requirements, different systems are used: beta rays, x-rays, laser and IR-sources are all available to identify thickness, weight, quality or permeability of the web.

At the Plastics & Rubber trade show, the joint booth of Mahlo’s partner agency PT Victoria Blessings Indonesia is right across the entrance. Here, the visitors are welcomed warmly by a team of 33 members who introduced them to the world of manly Japanese and European machine builders. The motto of the Indonesian agency “One-Stop Packaging Solution” is fulfilled by more than 15 reputable principals. Mahlo is proud to be part of this young and motivated team and is looking forward to contribute to its growth in the future – in contrast to microplastics that will surely decrease with the help of Mahlo machines.

The Plastics & Rubber trade show Indonesia 2018 is open for professional visitors until 17 November from 10 am to 6 pm.

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