Donation for Prälat-Michael-Thaller-School

Wolfgang Niemitz (3. r.), prinipal of Prälat-Michael-Thaller-School, receives the donation made by Mahlo employees, represented by Yvonne Pieper, Matthias Ziegler, Barbara Ipfelkofer and Andreas Neumayer.

Mahlo collecting money with Christmas initiative

Happy start in the New Year for the Prälat-Michael-Thaller-School of Abensberg: Principal Wolfgang Niemitz received a check over 300 Euro from Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG, which work council chairman Matthias Ziegler handed over on behalf the work council and die entire staff.

During the pre-Christmas season, the machine builder employees filled a donation box installed in their cafeteria with Euro by Euro. The Mahlo work council, who had organized this initiative, was happy with such enthusiasm and rounded up the received amount. They quickly agreed that the donation was in good hands with the Prälat-Michael-Thaller-School.

The private “Sonderpädagogisches Förderzentrum” offers diagnosis-related and differentiated support for children and young adults that extend to support classes, pre-school facilities and child day cares. With the money, they can buy devices and teaching material or finance excursions and school fairs.

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