German Textile Forum in Brazil

Textile industry’s experts meet in Blumenau

How can you fabricate top quality and optimize production processes at the same time? These questions have occupied the Brazilian textile industry for some time now.  Answers to that gave the “German Textile Forum” in Blumenau. Organized by Mvaz Representações, leading German textile machine builders Brückner, Mahlo and Thies introduced at the conference equipment and technical features that enhance every production line.

Mahlo’s Area Sales Manager Miguel Lessel presented the machine builder’s latest generation of weft straightening systems. In addition to that, the participants could learn more about process control and optimization with the pick counter Famacont PMC or the residual moisture measure Textometer RMS. For highest precision and for eliminating asymmetrical distortions, Mahlo’s Orthomax RFMB is the perfect tool. Lessel explained in detail, when and where the fusion of pin wheel and roller straightening technology is optimally applied.

Representatives of Brückner and Thies focused on topics such as direct coating, heat recovery and air purification as well as dyeing machinery innovations and supplementary dyehouse equipment.

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