Girls taking centre stage

At Girls’ Day Mahlo introduces “male professions”

“What is an industrial mechanic doing exactly?” “How do you form work pieces?” “Do I feel more comfortable in a workshop than in an office?” The answers to these questions got three girls by the Mahlo GmbH at “Girls’ Day”. At this event, the young visitors spent half a day in the machine builders training workshop. After the trial day, the girls were sure: industrial professions are pretty exciting – and not at all just for boys!

For Laura, Eva and Paulina interesting insights in the workday of typical male professions like cutting machine operator or mechatronics engineer were waiting. There, the three of them were also allowed to do some hands-on work, for example with filing: they could prove their practical skills with small work pieces. Thomas Schmoll, an apprentice for electronics technician in his second year, showed the three students how to build a circuit. In addition to that, a tour through the productions halls was also on the schedule. Finally, they had lunch in the Mahlo canteen, where they could talk about their experiences in a hitherto unknown professional field.

Laura, Paulina and Eva are all in the 8th grade of a secondary school. So, they have to decide upon an apprentice next year. The Girls’ Day therefore was a welcomed opportunity. “Such a great idea, that way you get a better understanding what you have to do in these jobs”, Paulina says. All three of them can imagine starting an industrial apprenticeship.

“Unfortunately, there still are only few fitting applications by girls”, knows Andreas Beil, responsible for the industrial training at Mahlo. Although the company would welcome more girls in skilled occupation like industrial mechanic, mechatronics engineer and so on. The reason why: it's the mix that makes it work. Similar to a healthy ratio of experienced and young workers, the diversity can have many advantages for the work atmosphere, Beil thinks. “Everyone can weigh in his or her strengths and benefit from the other groups’.” Thus, he considers the Girls’ Day important. It breaks the ice and paves the way for an internship in many cases.

New role models against skills shortage: the “Girls’ Day”

There are many jobs that still are considered solely male professions and where women are underrepresented. The “Girls’ Day”, promoted by Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and by Federal Ministry of Education and Research, wants to change that and has offered female students insights in the daily routine of these professions. The goal is to eliminate outdated role models that still influence the youths’ professional choices.  

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