Halftime in Orlando!

Mahlo-booth alive at NPE

The National Plastics Exhibition in Orlando, NPE in short, is one of the three most important trade shows for plastics worldwide. At halftime, the five-day long fair has picked up speed. One can see this at booth W 7191 of German Mahlo GmbH. Their quality measuring system Qualiscan QMS is attracting many visitors.

From far away people can see the red Mahlo sign in the huge venue, that points visitors the way  to the German machine builder’s stand. Successfully, as it seems! “Mahlo has made a name for itself in the plastics industry”, says Alan Lavore, CEO of Mahlo America Inc. That is proven during these days by the constant stream of interested visitors that are looking for advice or information on the many applications Mahlo provides. That is why not only the Mahlo America Team with Lavore, Eric Reber and David Jillson is on site but also local sales agents, the CEO of Mahlo GmbH Rainer Mestermann and the Representative of the China subsidiary Frank Fei. The machine builder reacts to a growing and more international audience. “Of course, American clients still count for about 80 per cent of visitors but we also got in contact with prospects from Asia and South America over the last three days.”

Until closing day, the organizers are expecting over 65 000 visitors, who wants to hear everything about the latest developments of a dynamic branch. This year’s motto of NPE “We’ve got it covered” is fitting perfectly with Mahlo. After all, the quality measuring system Qualiscan with its various sensors and scanners covers almost every specification. No matter if it is basis weight, density or moisture; these parameters can be identified quickly and reliably with Mahlo systems. The sensors are traversing constantly across the entire working width to measure, log and control the required figures. Depending on application and product, beta-, x-ray- or infrared radiators are used. “We have scanners that can host up to five sensors”, Lavore explains. For the plastics industry, the Infrascope NIR might be of special interest. It measures the reflection of infrared energy and determines basis weight and moisture at the same time. Due to very high spectral resolution, the sensor can distinguish between components with nearly similar IR absorption. That is an important factor for plastic producers.

The main goal of the Mahlo team is always to put together exactly that kind of system for a client that he needs. That way, he can save energy, raw material and money. Investing in a QMS therefore has a short amortization time.

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