ICE Time in Bangkok

Area Sales Manager Stephan Kehry reports his impressions from Southeast Asian Debut

Since the ICE show in Munich had become more and more popular, the organizers have expanded their activity radius to Southeast Asia. The Metropolis Bangkok seems to be the perfect location for the coating and converting industry.

Even if it can take hours until the masses of cars move forward several inches in the city center of Bangkok, distances within Asia are relative. Boarding a plane to get to Malaysia, Indonesia or Vietnam is often easier than taking a cap in a city. Therefore, it is only consequential that one city can cover an area which surpasses the economic power of Europe. After all, with India and Indonesia two of the most populated countries are in direct vicinity. And everyone around here is hungry for new ideas and concepts.

Over the last few years, the region has emancipated itself from plagiarism and cheap products. Even though tourists can still buy a Rolex for 20€ but the high priced sector is also occupied by now. These are sectors where quality and reproducibility rank before price. And these companies are growing fast and successfully. The incentive: they want to get on eye-level with the European market, which serves as the ultimate reference. Two things are essential here: transparency and reproducible quality.

Both demands are covered by Mahlo’s broad QMS portfolio. With a multitude of different sensors that are installed in sturdy traversing frames, parameters such as thickness, weight, moisture, air permeability and other important values of the production process can be retrieved quickly and easily. These data is uses to build closed control loops with the application machines and can be made available to top management. According to the motto ‘you can only manage what you can messure’ they are the foundation for crucial strategic and operative decisions.

To choose Bangkok for the first ICE trade show is a stroke of luck for several reasons: first, the exhibition center is right next to the Skytrain so visitors and exhibitors can avoid city traffic. In addition to that, Bangkok is a well-established hub and knows how to host a big trade show. 

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