Innovations live at the Techtextil

Mahlo solutions for technical textiles

Technical textiles have meanwhile become indispensable in many industrial sectors. A renowned straightening and control technology from Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG is at least as important for their faultless and efficient production. At Stand 3.0/B42, the German machine builder will be exhibiting excerpts from their broad portfolio of modular systems and innovative solutions.

We present systems at the Techtextil that are geared to the needs of manufacturers of technical textiles and invite to technical discussions”, says Area Sales Manager Matthias Wulbeck. Among other things, visitors can observe the Famacont PMC-15 thread density mearsument in live operation. The system measures the thread or knit density by means of a sensor on the running web and compares it with the nominal value stored in the recipe data management. “The detected deviation of the thread density from the nominal value is used to fully automatically regulate the over-feed during the pinning process on the tenter”, Wulbeck explains. For measurement, the Famacont PMC uses continuous opto-electronic scanning with transmitted or incident light or imaging with a camera. Its special feature: the system can display weft and warp threads. Depending on the fabric speed and fabric type, the opto-electronic TK sensor can detect up to 220 threads/cm, the camera sensors CK and CK HF up to 270 threads/cm depending on the design. The special FFT software analyses the images with precision and, in addition, allows determining the weight of the product directly. “The user can verify at any time whether the product corresponds to the weight specifications”, regarding to the expert.

Solutions for straightening and process control

Also on display is a model of the Orthopac CRVMC-12 automatic straightener – a specialist for technical textiles. Due to its very solid construction, the machine with its modular design allows large working widths of up to 5,400 mm with high tensile stress at the same time. “This makes it ideal for technical textiles, glass fabrics and woven or tufted carpets.“ Another special feature is that the bow rollers are only swung into the fabric when required and produce a very uniform straightening effect. If there is no bow distortion, the rollers are in neutral position without touching the fabric.

However, Mahlo's range not only includes solutions for straightening distorted fabrics, but also for controlling the basis weight with beta or x-ray technology, the thickness with laser and shadowing, the moisture with infraded or microwave, as well as air permeability. With all sensors, a high measurement accuracy is pivotal for an optimal measurement result. “The measured data are the base for an automatic process control and thus the prerequisite for a perfect web with narrow tolerance”, Wulbeck describes the advantages of the Mahlo systems.

Whether in the automotive, construction or agricultural sectors, the system solutions that the experts from Mahlo can put together for their customers are as diverse as the possible uses of technical textiles. At Techtexil in Frankfurt, there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the various options.

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