Kick with colleagues

Mahlo GmbH + Co KG hosts friendly match with Kelheim Fibres

While the Bundesliga is still in the summer break, the teams of Mahlo and Kelheim Fibres let the ball roll. They played a friendly match on the SV Saal sports field.  After 90 minutes there was a 2:2 draw - and a lot of good mood!

The fans of both teams on the sidelines saw a fair and entertaining game. Twice the Mahlonese had something to cheer, twice the colleagues from Kelheim Fibres. "Both sides can definitely live well with the result," says Mahlo works council chairman Matthias Ziegler, who co-organised the game. After all, the focus is on having fun anyway. After the final whistle unfortunately no ice tons were found for regeneration, so teams and supporters recovered with cold drinks.

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