Mahlo America Inc. takes part in IDEA and ICE

Two important trade shows are right around the corner

Mahlo America Inc. is ready for two important trade shows in its target markets on home soil. At the IDEA show for nonwovens, held from 25 to 28 March in Miami, Mahlo presents on-line measurement solutions for the nonwoven industry that include basis weight, thickness, moisture, coating add-on, density, and air permeability. Coater and converter can get acquainted with the machine builder’s technology for controlling production of films, foils and paper at the ICE from 9 to 11 April in Louisville, Kentucky.

“One of the devices featured at IDEA will be the non-contact laser sensor Calipro DML that is part of our web gauging system Qualiscan QMS-12”, Alan Lavore, Executive Vice President of Mahlo America Inc., explains. By determining the exact distance between the gauging sensor and the product surface, the Calipro DML measures thickness or coating thickness of various materials, including all types of nonwovens. Also on display is the new solid state infrared sensor Infralot IMF-15 for non-nuclear measurement of basis weight, moisture, and coating add-on. The sensor is available in a reflection or transmission version. While other filter wheel systems have to measure the wavelengths for dry (reference) and wet conditions with a time delay, Mahlo’s new simultaneous filter measures all wavelengths simultaneously and at the same spot. This eliminates measurement inaccuracies and allows a same-spot measurement of reference and absorption resonances.

The Infralot IMF, however, is not only a great help for nonwoven fabricants. At ICE, coater and converter can convince themselves of its necessity in a smooth production process. The device helps to gauge and regulate extrusion coatings, aqueous coatings, moisture, and film thickness. For special cases such as very thin films, Mahlo America presents the sensors Optoscope WLI. With the help of white-light interference phenomenon, the sensor is able to measure varnish coats down to a thickness of 0.4 µm.

Equipped with these or other Mahlo systems, fabricants can reduce the use of energy and raw material while increasing product quality at the same time. That can make the difference between them and their competition. The experts at each trade show are happy to give detailed information.

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