Mahlo celebrates Bavarian evening

The employees' summer party was a real success

It has already become a small tradition: the summer party for the employees of Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG. Also this year the event was a complete success.

Around 100 Mahlonese came together in perfect summer weather to celebrate a "Bavarian Evening". That was the motto of this year's party, which was organised by the works council and supported by the management and the owner family Greenwood-Mahlo. It is meant to be a small thank-you for the work the team does for the company throughout the year.

Matthias Ziegler, Chairman of the Works Council, was pleased to welcome the large number of colleagues and wished them a good atmosphere. This was not long in coming. After all, a traditional Bavarian company knows how to spend a good evening. The catering was based on the classics of Bavarian cuisine. The visitors – most of them in traditional costume – enjoyed roast pork, potato salad, Obatzda and pretzels. The JAV (Jugend- und Ausbildungsvertretung - Youth and Apprenticeship Representation) had really put its foot down during the decoration and the supporting programme. Beer mug lifting, nailing and cans throwing were used to provide good entertainment and a little folk festival feeling in the inner courtyard of the mechanical engineering company. Until deep into the night they ate, talked and laughed together.

CEO Rainer Mestermann thanked the organisers for the successful event and said: "It's always nice to see how well our employees understand each other in addition to their work". That's why the summer party is also firmly scheduled for next year's calendar.

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