Measurement of thin coating on paper and film

The online measurement of thin coats on paper and film has always presented a major challenge to manufacturers since the basic weight of the coat is typically only a few grams per m². Mahlo has developed two sensors that are able to measure even small values with maximum precision. The Infrascope NIR sensor monitors the absorption of infrared light of all components on or in the web in the near infrared range. By simultaneously analysing the entire Infrascope NIR spectrum, the sensor is able to differentiate between multiple components in the material web. The Optoscope WLI sensor, on the other hand, utilises the white light interference method. When exposed to white light, clear or opaque coating reflects the light in interference colours. The frequencies of this interference are a measure for the film thickness. An accuracy of up to 0.01 µm (10 nm) can thus be achieved.

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