More Room for Machine Manufacturer

The symbolic cut of spade: Ralph Greenwood Mahlo, Aura Greenwood-Mahlo, Rainer Mestermann, Oliver Kastl

Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG invests in new assembly hall

Full order books, a positive business development: The Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG is currently experiencing tailwinds. At the machine manufacturer in Saal, the demand for its measuring, control and automation systems for the textile and finishing industry as well as the coating, film and paper sector is so high that the spatial capacities are no longer sufficient. That’s why the first cut of the spade for a new assembly hall has been made.

“The new building will host the assembly for our quality control system Qualiscan QMS”, CEO Rainer Mestermann explains. The measuring system collects and controls for example basis weight, moisture or thickness of films, paper or nonwovens. Especially this sector has been growing fast in the last couple of years. More than 100 QMS-machines left the production site in Saal in 2016 – with increasing tendency. “But we don’t have enough production and storage space for these amounts”, says Mestermann. By now, they have already reached their limit. This is why the QMS-assembly is going to move into its new home, which will host modern work spaces for 12 to 15 employees, by summer 2018. Totalling construction, technical equipment and an expansion of parking spaces, Mahlo invests a single-digit million sum.

 With 650 square metres, the new hall offers thrice the space than the current solution. You need the size to make effective work possible, Oliver Kastl, head of production at Mahlo, describes the situation. “In the future, we can put a flow production into practice, like we are already doing with our straightening machines.” With this system, the machine is not assembled completely in one spot but passes various workstations one-by-one. That improves the flow of material and reduces the lead time. In addition to that, at Mahlo not only the number of orders grows but also the machines themselves. “At the moment, our biggest machine type is 9 metres long; in the future, we will build units with up to 15 metres. This size is requested more and more frequently by our customers.” Furthermore, the hall provides room for meetings and customer inspections.

Ideal work surroundings for staff and environment

While planning the building, a pleasant working environment has been strongly taken into consideration. “That includes an acoustic ceiling for noise protection and many natural light sources”, says Kastl. And also environmental measures play an important role. An industrial underfloor heating ensures a constant indoor climate without wasting energy unnecessarily. A photovoltaic system on the roof for personal use will cover about half of the company’s power consumption. 

The extension is not only a means to create a more effective work environment, as shareholder Ralph Greenwood-Mahlo says: “It’s a clear commitment to the Saal location.” Because the family-owned company will continue to produce exclusively at the main site and count on the worldwide accepted quality “made in Germany”.

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