No room for stereotypes

Mahlo introduces portfolio of industrial jobs on Girls’ Day

A typical male profession? Exactly these stereotypes within the working world, the Girls’ Day wants to dispel. Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG took part in this nation wide initiative again this year and introduced female young talents to task fields and job opportunities in machine building.

The German government has initiated the Girls’ Day to excite girls for scientific or technical professions. That electronics technician or industrial mechanic is not only a job for boys, participants Vanessa and Michelle agree on. Both are not averse to choose an industrial profession. “We are now in 8th grade and have to apply for jobs next year”, Michelle says. That’s why they still have a little bit time to think.

The students, however, appreciate the fact that they already know now what to expect from industrial apprenticeships at Mahlo. Because instructor Andreas Beil and the Mahlo trainees had prepared an interesting agenda for their visitors. After touring the production halls for weft straighteners and quality control systems, Vanessa and Michelle were allowed to show their practical skills by working small parts. In addition to that, they had the chance to look current apprentices over the shoulder. Josephe John, industrial mechanic, demonstrated how a pneumatic drive is build together.

“We want to encourage more girls to choose an industrial-technical profession”, says Andreas Beil. He considers the Girls’ Day a great opportunity to dismantle stereotypes and show other paths. “We would be happy at Mahlo, if we can welcome more female trainees for the industrial field over the next few years.”

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