St. Nicholas brings gifts for Mahlo’s youngest generation

Festivity is a long-standing tradition with machine builder

Out there, through the woods he comes…, and that already for 47 years. That is how long the St. Nicholas celebration is a tradition at Saal-bases machine builder Mahlo. This year, 17 children of employees were pleased with gifts and treats.

In 1970 St. Nicholas parked his decorated sleigh for the first time in the family company’s cafeteria. Then as now, it was packed with surprises. A bright red bobsled, a cozy scarf and of course sweets were waiting for the little ones this time. To shorten the wait until the arrival of Nicholas, a tasty meal and crafting was on the schedule.
The party was first introduced by company founder Dr. Ing. Heinz Mahlo and his wife Renate, as grandson and owner Ralph Greenwood-Mahlo explains: “It was a special cause for both of them to do something for their employees’ children.” As a young boy, Greenwood-Mahlo participated in the festivities, later he joint in with his own son, then as a guest, never missing a year. “The kids’ shining eyes and the excitement just before St. Nicholas arrives is always special, no matter how old you are.” Many Mahlo-employees whose family members have worked here for a long time might feel the same. They had also stood nervously in front of the holy bishop and recited a song or poem for him. Today, it’s the next generation. “To keep this tradition and strengthen the sense of belonging is a great need for the family”, as Greenwood-Mahlo says.

Casting the part of St. Nicholas is also characterized by permanence. For over four decades, former member of staff Georg Neumayer put on mitre, coat and the long white beard. In 2016 he handed over the crosier to Johann Forstner for reasons of age. Forstner takes his duty as serious as his processor. Every single child got his attention and a few nice words. And the promise that St. Nicholas will be back next year.



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