Calipro DMS

Measurement of thickness (contactless)

LED micrometer

Calipro DMS measures the material thickness of the product using a light curtain. It is insensitive to colour, transparency and opacity as well as largely independent of the material surface.

Principle of operation

The light of a LED is directed as uniform, parallel light beam onto a measuring object. The transition between the bright and dark area at the receiver is detected as measuring value. Depending on the material thickness, a certain area is thus shaded at the detector. The eddy current sensor measures the current roller position.

The material thickness is calculated from the difference between eddy current sensor and shading sensor.

Product highlights

  • High profile resolution
  • Material-independent (colour, density, components, etc.)
  • Contactless, wear-free measurement
  • No calibration effort
  • No radiometric measurements

    Customer benefits

    • Quick process optimization
    • Material savings
    • Quality assurance

      Area of application

      Some areas of application in thickness measurement are difficult to cover with classic laser measuring systems. These systems reach their limits if the material surface is structured, rough, very smooth or glossy. Laser triangulation is not suitable either with multi-colour, transparent or opaque materials.

      This is where the Calipro DMS LED shading sensor comes into play. The combination of eddy current sensor and shading sensor makes the measurement insensitive against material surface, colour, transparency, opacity and temperature variations.

      • Film extrusion & plate extrusion
      • Nonwoven
      • Textile
      • Converting
      • Calendering
      • Mesh
      • Nonwoven, foam, film
      • Film and paper combinations
      • PVC floor covering, entire range of colours
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