Orthopac GRVMC-12

Modular straightening and process control system for heavyweight materials

Heavy-duty weft straightening

The heavy duty version. High demands due to large product widths (e.g. carpet) or dimensionally stable textiles with defined skew settings (e.g. denim) require a more solid configuration. The frame, bearings and rollers are designed for high loads. Available with up to 5500 mm working width.

Product highlights

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Suitable for tensional forces of up to 500 kg
  • Working widths of up to 5500 mm

Customer benefits

  • Maintains tight distortionrelated tolerances
  • Helps avoid complaints
  • Improves customer relationships

Solid and reinforced

The Orthopac GRMVC is specifically constructed to withstand high mechanical loads. In particular, the specially reinforced hydraulic units for positioning the rollers ensure perfect straightening even under maximum tension-induced loading.

The straightener also features a solid, reinforced frame, reinforced roller bearings and larger diameter bow and skew rollers; : a jumbo among straighteners. The scanners, electronics, display and control terminal, etc. correspond to the standard configuration of an Orthopac RVMC.

On the GR version too, all the scanners are still laterally adjustable. Processing speeds range from approx. 3 m/min (carpeting) to 150 m/min (industrial fabric).

Area of application

  • Denim
  • Industrial fabric
  • Raschel curtaining
  • Glass-/carbon fibre wovens
  • Carpeting


The unit is available for use in conjunction with a Patcontrol PC pattern control system either as a manually controlled straightener, or with provision for the addition of a retrofit scanning system.

As with the standard Orthopac RVMC, it can be supplied in all forms of combi-systems. The Orthopac GRVMC is available in working widths of 1600 to 5500 mm.

Also available is the GRMM Straightener: Manual straightening machine without optical scanning system and control

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