Antistat AMW-12

On-line air ioniser - effective against static charge

Ionisation of the air

The Antistat AMW ioniser for trouble-free processing of synthetic materials and of textiles with high charge separation. By ionising the ambient air, the electrostatic charge is diverted from the product sheet. Antistat AMW can be used at high or low speeds.

Product highlights

  • Troublefree operation
  • Greater product quality
  • Reduced risk of accidents

Customer benefits

  • Complete ionisation of the air
  • Suitable for high and low product speeds

    Static electricity is a nuisance, and a hazard, and attracts dirt!

    Electrostatic charges may significantly interfere with various production processes and become rather troublesome. If the polarity of the charges differs, their attractive and repulsive forces not only affect the warp threads. They cause sheets of papers to cling together, feathers and fibres develop lumps and attract dirt particles from everywhere onto surfaces that should be clear and clean.

    Sudden discharges of highly charged coils, rollers, spools, bales or carts when touched accidentally are unpleasant and may trigger hazardous reactions.

    The elimination of electrostatic charges is therefore indispensable for many production processes to ensure troublefree operation!

    Effective against static charge

    The Antistat AMW generates conducting air. High alternating voltage, applied through large series resistors to the needles of the ionizer rods, creates strong electrical fields around the needle tips. The molecules of the air are split (ionized) in the area of these fields; the air around the tips becomes conductive and can discharge the electrical charge from the charged object when reaching it.

    Electrostatic charges are eliminated. The production process can be conducted smooth and troublefree.

    Area of application

    The device can be used wherever static charge of webs is a problem

    • Batching
    • Plaiters
    • Sizing machines
    • Warping machines
    • ...
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