Samplecut FSC-12

Sample cutting online – without having to stop the machine

Samplecut FSC-12
Samplecut FSC-12

To monitor the progress of certain processes there is no alternative but to take frequent samples at the machine itself.

However, this can only be done whilst the material is at a standstill or running slowly, and often leads to all manner of ambitious, sometimes absurd measures to enable the process to run continuously (non-stop batching, etc.).

With the Samplecut FSC, Mahlo offers a solution to the problem. The tried and tested Samplecut FSC appliance cuts samples from the high-speed product.

The Samplecut FSC can be installed for example at a convenient place at the delivery end of a stenter. The pneumatics work at high pressure and press the circular blade through the material and against a counter block, all in a fraction of a second.

The sample is punched out and fed via the sampling device to the operator end. The operator need only press a button to release the sample via the control panel.

Product highlights

  Customer benefits
  • Sampling at maximum line-speeds
  • Robust, simple construction
  • Simplicity itself to operate
  • Takes samples from online materials
  • No downtimes as a result of sampling
  • Increases productivity

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