Wilot WMR-12

Measurement of product width

Reflexion of infrared light

Automatic width measurement on a running product web. IR LEDs used in reflective mode continuously and precisely determine the product width. The sensor module only needs to be attached on one side of the product. The compact design allows it to be installed even in the tightest mounting spaces. Retrofitting is possible virtually anywhere.

Product highlights

  • Non-contact and continuous
  • Digital signal processing helps it determine product width with the utmost accuracy
  • Universal application

Customer benefits

  • High standard of repeatability
  • Homogenous product appearance
  • Documentation of product quality

Simple and flexible

IR LEDs used as retro-reflective devices determine the product width. The operator can set the sensitivity of the sensors from the included control panel, and specify the maximum and minimum product width for alarm functions. Since the sensor module only needs to be attached on one side of the product, mounting options are very flexible.

The unit consists of:

  • Sensor module
  • Electronics
  • Control panel
  • Digital display (optional)

Area of application

2he Wilot WMR is a reliable instrument for non-contacting, inprocess determination of the product width, especially at  the stenter delivery end. The Wilot WMR helps suppliers to maintain the quality specifications of their customers and reduce costs from scrap and quality problems.

The system is very versatile. Stenters and levelling stenters represent the main application areas.

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