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Buenos días Colombia

Mahlo at the VDMA Symposium Colombia’s textile industry is one of the oldest and most important in Latin America. To be able to compete against Asian low-price competition and despite a weak Peso, the country focuses on specialisation and investments in new technologies. Local manufacturers like to import them from Germany. In order to strengthen the existing relations, the German-Colombian Chamber of Industry and Commerce together with the VDMA invited Colombian producers to two symposia...[more]


The History of the Weft Straightener

The development of the first automatic weft straightener put Mahlo in the position of a global market leader and ‘hidden champion’. Just in time to Mahlo's birthday on 5 August, you can learn more about it right here![more]


Apprenticeship successfully completed

Mahlo congratulates industrial clerks on passing final exam / Stefan Roggenhofer with vocational school’s special award Three years of total commitment to job and vocational school as well as final exams in various subjects: Industrial clerks must pass these challenges to complete their apprenticeship. The trainees of Mahlo GmbH + Co.KG have now achieved this goal. One even with great success. “Nobody can take away from you, what you are holding in your hands right now. Congratulations!”...[more]


Mahlo GmbH: Over 70 and still going strong

From radio manufacturer to global market leader in textile industry Mahlo celebrates its 72th birthday. Learn more about our company by watching a short report on the occasion of our birthday party 2 years ago. Click here...[more]


Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG Having a Summer Party

Everyone who has been working hard the whole year, has earned a big thank you. At Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG, this thank you came in the form of a barbecue for the whole staff. The Mahlo-BBQ – organised by works council, financed by management and the Greenwood-Mahlo family – took place the second time. At the company’s yard, which is normally bustling with activity, wooden tables, sunshades and a big grill were waiting for numerous guests in the gleaming sunlight. Members of the works council and...[more]


‚Strike‘ for Mahlo-Apprenticeship

Apprentices go bowling for comradeship   Starting your professional career right after you left your schooldays behind is already enough excitement for one day. Being the new one and knowing no one just adds to the stress. Mahlo wants to calm the nerves of their new apprentices and therefore invited all trainees to go bowling together. The ten girls and boys who will start their commercial, industrial and technical training in September had the chance to get to know their future...[more]


Fire! How to react?

Fire drill

Mahlo-Team learned how to extinguish a fire safely A discarded cigarette stub, an afterglow in the grill or flying sparks: especially during dry, hot summer days one inattentive moment can cause a fire. With a special fire drill, Mahlo employees had the chance to learn how to act correctly in an emergency. “Reacting quickly and properly can prevent worse things”, says Norbert Thom, fire prevention officer at Mahlo. Even a little fire can spread quickly and become an inferno within...[more]

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