Mission statement of Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG

Innovation with Tradition

Since 1945, the Mahlo family has continued to demonstrate their long term commitment to the company and has developed our Mission Statement as a general guideline for  employees and business partners.

This is the standard which we strive to achieve.

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Family and Responsibility

Our overriding goal is to assure the future of Mahlo as an independent, family-owned company and a strong partner to our customers.

We are particularly committed to Germany as the location for product development and manufacturing.

Through thoughtful and sustainable company policies, we want to fully comply with our social responsibilities.

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Partnership and Added Value

Mahlo, through the consistent alignment of our efforts with the needs of our customers, works to develop long term partnerships and deliver added value for the users of Mahlo equipment.

For the industrial production and finishing of web materials, Mahlo globally offers leading technological solutions for improved quality and productivity with the best performance/cost ratio.

Our services assure optimal product utilization over the long term, thereby significantly contributing to the success of our customers.

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Quality and Innovation

Quality is the foundation of our business. Innovative and optimal measurement  and control solutions are driving the continued success of Mahlo.

Therefore, we are seeking with passion and creativity the continuous improvement of our products, services and processes.

Profits are to a large extent reinvested in the company to support new product development and performance enhancements.

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Trust and Respect

Trust and respect characterize our relationships with our business partners, always aiming for joint success.

Our qualified and dedicated employees play a decisive role in our success. Therefore, we support and request employees to work in a motivated, loyal, and responsible manner.

Our working environment is fair and respectful. In combination with comprehensive education and training, we offer substantial freedom and opportunities for personal and professional growth.