Process control

Measuring, logging and controlling the production process

The business field of manufacturing or converting textiles is increasingly affected by rising costs for production and energy as well as growing demands on quality and flexibility. At the same time, however, profit margins are decreasing and shorter production times are demanded. Efficient, quality-oriented production is therefore essential for successful manufacturers. The use of process control is one of the most important keys to balancing the demands of economic, sustainable and at the same time high-quality fabrication. With life cycles of 20 - 30 years, energy savings and the "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO) play a decisive role in economic efficiency.

Process control increases efficiency and production throughput, improves quality standards sustainably and verifiably, saves resources and costs, reliably logs tolerances and production data and makes them usable.

Versatile process control systems

Modular design for a wide range of textile applications

Mahlo's portfolio includes a broad variety of process control systems and sensors for any application in the manufacturing or finishing process in the textile industry and related industrial sectors. The short payback times, high reliability and ease of use of process control equipment result in increased productivity combined with a noticeable reduction in waste. Our selection of sensors can meet almost any manufacturer's requirement. The modular design of the system allows flexible adaptation to all applications.

The system measures, logs and controls critical process parameters across the entire working width such as:

  • Temperature
  • Dwell time
  • Residual moisture
  • Exhaust air moisture
  • Thread density
  • Basis weight
  • Fabric width
  • Electrostatic charge
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    Qualiscan QMS

    Qualiscan QMS-12 Bestseller

    Traversing quality control system

    BatteryCoating & ConvertingExtrusionPaperTextileNonwovensDensityThicknessMaterial thicknessLayer thicknessMoisture (Web)High moistureResidual moistureBasis weightAir permeabilityTemperature

    Web process control

    The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters over the entire width of the product, including basis weight,…

    Optipac VMC - Process control for textile finishing

    Optipac VMC-15

    Modular process control system

    TextileThread densityMoisture (Web)Low moistureResidual moistureHumidity (Air)Exhaust air moistureFixing timeBasis weightCourse densityTemperatureSurface temperatureTemperature profileDwell timeProduct width

    Optimizes finishing

    The Orthopac VMC is a modular process control system for textile refinement. It optimises drying or fixing processes as well as the processes all about the stenter. The…

    Ecopac EMC

    Ecopac EMC-15

    Process control system for drying processes

    TextileMoisture (Web)Residual moistureHumidity (Air)Exhaust air moistureFixing timeTemperatureSurface temperatureDwell time

    Optimizes drying

    The Ecopac EMC uses the state of the art microprocessor technology to ensure product quality and optimise the energy balance for drying processes. The modular system for…

    Famacont PMC with optoelectronic sensor (reflex light)

    Famacont PMC-15

    Control of thread density / course density / basis weight

    TextileThread densityBasis weightCourse density

    Optolectronic sensor / camera sensor

    The Famacont PMC determines the thread density by means of a non-contacting, optoelectronic or imaging process. With the optoelectronic process individual…

    Gravimat FMI

    Gravimat FMI-15

    Control of basis weight / thickness


    Transmission of beta rays

    The weight monitoring and control system measures the weight continuously, without contact, destruction-free and on moving product. The measurement is based on the…

    Sensor Wilot WMR

    Wilot WMR-12

    Measurement of product width

    Coating & ConvertingTextileNonwovensProduct width

    Reflexion of infrared light

    Automatic width measurement on a running product web. IR LEDs used in reflective mode continuously and precisely determine the product width. The sensor module only…

    Drum dryer control Atmoset SMT

    Atmoset SMT-15

    Drum dryer control optimises heating performance

    TextileMoisture (Web)Residual moistureTemperature

    Condensate temperature control

    The Atmoset SMT regulates the residual moisture of the tissue with steam-heated cylinder dryers. The deviation of the condensate temperature from a preset…

    Ionizer bar

    Antistat AMW-12

    Discharge system for static charge

    TextileNonwovensStatic charge

    Ionisation of the air

    The Antistat AMW ioniser for trouble-free processing of synthetic materials and of textiles with high charge separation. By ionising the ambient air, the electrostatic…

    Sensor Ecomat AML

    Ecosense ZS-12

    Control of exhaust air humidity

    TextileHumidity (Air)Exhaust air moisture

    Measurement of steam

    Much unused energy is wasted through the exhaust air during drying processes without appropriate control. The Ecomat AML optimises the heating energy required by monitoring…

    High temperature sensor Thermosense HP270

    Thermosense HP270

    Measurement of the fabric temperature

    TextileTemperatureSurface temperature

    Infrared pyrometer

    The Thermosense HP270 is used for non-contacting temperature measurement in driers and stenters and records the temperature of running product webs. The sensor is…

    Products must meet certain specifications or remain within a narrow tolerance range to achieve a certain level of quality. To continuously achieve and maintain this level, automated process control checks critical parameters such as temperature, weight or humidity.

    High-precision sensors can easily measure and control the smallest deviations, ensuring an uninterrupted production process with minimal material loss.

    With reliable process control data, adjustments can be made to the manufacturing or finishing process as needed without effort. For seamless digital communication in the context of Industry 4.0, Mahlo offers a cross-system solution here with easy entry and effortless scaling.