Infrared sensors

Infrared transmission / reflection – Measurement of humidity, basis weight

Water and other materials absorb light in the infrared range. Water and other materials can be differentiated through different spectral ranges. The moisture content and basis weight of different materials can be determined by measuring the weakened radiation.

IR measurement is especially suitable for the area of residual moisture and all materials that exhibit an absorption spectrum in the infrared range. The complete product thickness can be measured with a transmission measurement. This is necessary when the total composition of the material is of interest.

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    Single-sided Sensor Infralot IMF for moisture and basis weight

    Infralot IMF

    Measurement of moisture / organic compound

    Infrared reflectionInfrared transmission

    Absorption/reflexion of infrared light

    Infralot IMF uses optical evaluation of the absorbed/reflected light energy in the near-infrared range to continuously measure and control material…

    Sensor Infrascope NIR for basis weight / moisture

    Infrascope NIR

    Measurement of basis weight (mass per unit area) / moisture

    Infrared reflectionInfrared transmission

    Absorption of infrared light

    The Infrascope NIR monitors the absorption of infrared energy of all components on or in the web in the near infrared range. Measuring over the entire spectrum…

    Infrared sensor Webtemp WTP

    Webtemp WTP

    Measurement of web temperature

    Infrared reflection

    Infrared measurement

    Infrared sensor for the surface temperature in the measuring gap of the quality control system Qualiscan QMS. For some applications an even temperature distribution in the…

    Infrarot pyrometer Permaset VMT

    Permaset VMT

    Control of dwell time and fixing time

    Infrared reflection

    Infrared pyrometer

    To determine the dwell time or fixing time for a desired product temperature, the surface temperature of the product is measured without contact at several locations in the…

    Infared pyrometer Thermoset OMT

    Thermoset OMT

    Control of web temperature

    Infrared reflection

    Infrared pyrometer

    The product temperature at the dryer delivery depends on the residual moisture. To determine the residual moisture the surface temperature of the product is measured at the…

    Sensor Wilot WMR

    Wilot WMR

    Measurement of product width

    Infrared reflection

    Reflexion of infrared light

    Automatic width measurement on a running product web. IR LEDs used in reflective mode continuously and precisely determine the product width. The sensor module only…