Film Extrusion & Sheet Extrusion

Quality control for films, coating, calendering and more

Mahlo is your partner in the fields of film & sheet extrusion as well as coating, converting and calendering. The extrusion market is highly competitive and requires expert knowledge and quality control systems that are both flexible and configurable.

With a strong and experienced partner like Mahlo at your side you get a quality control system that is both universally applicable and individually adaptable. This gives you the decisive competitive advantage in the ever-changing and complex market requirements for highest product quality.

Our expertise in on-line film & sheet extrusion measurement and control spans more than two decades. With our knowledge in the areas of plastics and films, extrusion, coating and calendering, we can adapt our measuring systems and process control individually for the following processes:


Roll Casting, Film Extrusion, Sheet Extrusion, Extrusion Coating, Coextrusion, Pultrusion, Foam Extrusion

Products for Extrusion & Film

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In extrusion, solid to viscous materials - usually plastics - are melted and extruded under pressure through a shaping opening. The process is used for a variety of materials. Most frequently certainly in plastics processing, but also for composite materials such as fiber-reinforced plastics, WPC (Wood-Plastic-Composites) or thermoplastic polymers such as PVC, PP, PE, PET and PA.

Substrates thicker than 1mm are commonly referred to as “sheets” while as for materials with less than 1mm thickness the term “film” is used.

Extrusion coating is the process of applying an additional layer on top of a substrate like plastic, foil or paper. The hot, molten layer material is usually pressed through a slot die onto a moving film or sheet. Layer thickness can be determined depending on the speed of the web and the slot gap.

Extruded products or extrusion coated products are used in the building industry, in the medical sector, as packaging, wrapping, lining, and much more.

From measuring basic parameters to controlling basis weight, thickness and coating weight simultaneously on wide, high-speed film lines, Mahlo provides the ideal solution to your film & sheet extrusion needs.

Utilizing advanced intelligent sensor and scanner techniques like beta gauges, X-ray sensors or infrared, microwave, laser or white light sensors, the measurements of the process are continuously checked with high precision.

Systems from fixed measuring points to traversing measuring systems for single and double-sided measurement with several synchronized scanners are available.