Textile - Solutions for the textile industry

Weft straighteners and textile process control for stenter frames & Co.

We provide machinery for processing, measuring and controlling fabrics, to control and refine garments and cloth to your individual needs.

The textile industry consists of a wide range of numerous processes: producing the fibers, yarn and fabric, dyeing it, using printing techniques or applying finishing coats: today there are specially designed machines for every step. Whether it is a high-end cotton garment for clothing or nonwovens for the space industry - refining and finishing textiles is a highly specialized branch of the textile industry. International manufacturers need to meet high quality standards and requirements.

Many major textile brands trust Mahlo’s long-lasting experience in on-line process monitoring and control technologies for the textile industry. Our expertise stretches for several decades, and we still strive to improve ourselves every day.

Mahlo systems supply virtally the entire textile industry and related sectors:

  • Agricultural / Landscaping
  • Automotive
  • Ship / Aircraft / Railway / Spacetravel production
  • Apparel
  • Construction
  • Geotextiles
  • Medical / Health Care
  • Home / Office Furnishings
  • Household
  • Industrial/Military
  • Personal Care / Hygiene
  • Enviromental protection
  • Packing / Transportation
  • Protective Clothing
  • Sport / Leisure products

Products for Textile & Textile Finishing

Find suitable products for your textile applications

Mahlo is the only supplier who is offering the entire spectrum of sensors in the market - optoelectronic as well as camera-based technology. This means for our customers that we can really choose the best way to detect their fabric.

Over the decades, the name Mahlo has become equivalent to straight goods. With special applications for carpets, denim, woolen, printed and other special fabric Mahlo is a partner for all possible processes and plenty of applications.

In addition to our centerpiece, the straightening machine, we also manufacture systems for fine straightening, special devices for heavy or wide fabrics and needle straightening devices for knitted fabrics.

As a customer, you choose the suitable solution individually according to your requirements. Together we optimize your process and achieve the highest quality.