Textile - Solutions for the textile industry

Weft straighteners and textile process control for stenter frames & Co.

We provide machinery for processing, measuring and controlling fabrics, to control and refine garments and cloth to your individual needs.

The textile industry consists of a wide range of numerous processes: producing the fibers, yarn and fabric, dyeing it, using printing techniques or applying finishing coats: today there are specially designed machines for every step. Whether it is a high-end cotton garment for clothing or nonwovens for the space industry - refining and finishing textiles is a highly specialized branch of the textile industry. International manufacturers need to meet high quality standards and requirements.

Many major textile brands trust Mahlo’s long-lasting experience in on-line process monitoring and control technologies for the textile industry. Our expertise stretches for several decades, and we still strive to improve ourselves every day.

Mahlo systems supply virtally the entire textile industry and related sectors:

  • Agricultural / Landscaping
  • Automotive
  • Ship / Aircraft / Railway / Spacetravel production
  • Apparel
  • Construction
  • Geotextiles
  • Medical / Health Care
  • Home / Office Furnishings
  • Household
  • Industrial/Military
  • Personal Care / Hygiene
  • Enviromental protection
  • Packing / Transportation
  • Protective Clothing
  • Sport / Leisure products

Products for textile / textile finishing

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    Weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15

    Orthopac RVMC-15 Bestseller

    Classic optical weft straightener

    Roller weft straightenersDistortionFabric distortion

    Weft straightening the way it should be ...

    The Orthopac RVMC is the universally employable straightening system from Mahlo for the correction of fabric distortions for nearly all applications.…

    Orthopac FMC EP

    Orthopac FMC-15 Bestseller

    Distortion control system

    Distortion detectionDistortionFabric distortion

    Bow and skew detection and control

    The Orthopac FMC automatic straightener is the heart and core of the Orthopac. The device consists of an optical scanning system and electronic control for…

    Qualiscan QMS

    Qualiscan QMS-12 Bestseller

    Traversing quality control system

    DensityThicknessMoistureBasis weightAir permeabilityTemperature

    Web process control

    The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters over the entire width of the product, including basis weight,…

    Orthopac MFRC – Fine straightener

    Orthopac MFRC-15

    Fine tune straightener

    Compact weft straightenersRoller weft straightenersDistortionFabric distortion

    Fine-tune straightening of residual distortion

    This model represents a compact fine-straightening system for the correction of residual distortions. The special strength of the Orthopac MFRC is…

    Orthopac GMFRC – Heavy-duty fine weft straightener

    Orthopac GMFRC-15

    Heavy-duty fine tune straightener

    Compact weft straightenersHeavy-duty weft straightenersRoller weft straightenersDistortionFabric distortion

    Fine-tune straightening for heavyweight fabrics

    The special strength of the Orthopac GMFRC is the extremely high straightening accuracy at relatively small distortions. Thanks to reinforced…

    Orthopac GRVMC - Heavy-duty weft straightener

    Orthopac GRVMC-15

    Modular straightening and process control system for heavyweight materials

    Heavy-duty weft straightenersRoller weft straightenersDistortionFabric distortion

    Heavy-duty weft straightening

    The heavy duty version. High demands due to large product widths (e.g. carpet) or dimensionally stable textiles with defined skew settings (e.g. denim) require a…

    Orthopac CRVMC - Weft straightener for carpets and technical textiles

    Orthopac CRVMC-12

    Special weft straightener for carpets and technical textiles

    Heavy-duty weft straightenersRoller weft straighteners

    When the going gets rough ...

    The Orthopac CRVMC is especially designed for high mechanical load. Thanks to reinforced components, it is ideal for processing very heavyweight and wide…

    Orthomax RFMB - Fusion of pin wheel and roller straightening

    Orthomax RFMB-15

    Fusion of pin wheel and roller straightening

    Pin wheel weft straightenersRoller weft straighteners

    Removing all types of distortions

    The fusion of pin wheel and roller straightening technology perfectly combines the advantages of both technologies and provides amazing straightening results.…

    Orthofact RMB-15 – Classic pin wheel straightening machine

    Orthofact RMB-15

    Automatic pin wheel straightening system

    Pin wheel weft straighteners

    Removing irregular distortions

    Asymmetrical distortions (wavy, S-shaped, etc.) in textiles have always represented a huge challenge in the textile industry. A special straightening approach is…

    Optipac VMC - Process control for textile finishing

    Optipac VMC-15

    Modular process control system

    Optimizes finishing

    The Orthopac VMC is a modular process control system for textile refinement. It optimises drying or fixing processes as well as the processes all about the stenter. The…

    Ecopac EMC

    Ecopac EMC-15

    Process control system for drying processes

    MoistureExhaust air moistureResidual moistureFixing timeTemperatureSurface temperatureDwell time

    Optimizes drying

    The Ecopac EMC uses the state of the art microprocessor technology to ensure product quality and optimise the energy balance for drying processes. The modular system for…

    Famacont PMC with optoelectronic sensor (reflex light)

    Famacont PMC-15

    Control of thread density / course density / basis weight

    Thread densityBasis weightCourse density

    Optolectronic sensor / camera sensor

    The Famacont PMC determines the thread density by means of a non-contacting, optoelectronic or imaging process. With the optoelectronic process individual…

    Gravimat FMI

    Gravimat FMI-15

    Control of basis weight / thickness

    Transmission of beta rays

    The weight monitoring and control system measures the weight continuously, without contact, destruction-free and on moving product. The measurement is based on the…

    Sensor Wilot WMR

    Wilot WMR-12

    Measurement of product width

    Product width

    Reflexion of infrared light

    Automatic width measurement on a running product web. IR LEDs used in reflective mode continuously and precisely determine the product width. The sensor module only…

    Drum dryer control Atmoset SMT

    Atmoset SMT-15

    Drum dryer control optimises heating performance

    MoistureResidual moistureTemperature

    Condensate temperature control

    The Atmoset SMT regulates the residual moisture of the tissue with steam-heated cylinder dryers. The deviation of the condensate temperature from a preset…

    Patcontrol PCS - Pattern control system and weft distortion control

    Patcontrol PCS-20

    Pattern detection, skew correction, pattern repeat control

    DistortionPattern repeatPattern distortionFabric distortion

    Pattern and distortion control
    The leading pattern detection system using camera technology. The repetitions of printed, woven or tufted patterns are evaluated according to certain algorithms…

    Interactive trend display mLog enhanced

    mLog enhanced

    Data analysis and management

    Data logging

    The mLog software is an application for data logging and interactive analysis of historical data for Mahlo equipment. The desktop application runs on an office PC and provides a comfortable…

    Ceremat MMZ - Web guiding roller

    Ceremat MMZ-12

    Guiding and stentering roller

    Web position

    Keeps web safely on track

    Drifting of the product web lateral to the running direction of product is unavoidable in some stages of textile finishing. The Ceremat system brings the product back…

    User-friendly data logging software


    Data logging

    Data logging

    The mLog software is a data logging application for Mahlo equipment. The desktop application runs on an office PC and provides comfortable creation and archiving of PDF protocols of running…

    mPilot screenshot, main page


    Visualization of several Mahlo devices


    mPilot is a control room application for Mahlo equipment. The software allows the user to configure up to ten Mahlo devices with one control centre. Individually selected data of several devices…

    Ionizer bar

    Antistat AMW-12

    Discharge system for static charge

    Static charge

    Ionisation of the air

    The Antistat AMW ioniser for trouble-free processing of synthetic materials and of textiles with high charge separation. By ionising the ambient air, the electrostatic…

    Sensor Ecomat AML

    Ecosense ZS-12

    Control of exhaust air humidity

    MoistureExhaust air moisture

    Measurement of steam

    Much unused energy is wasted through the exhaust air during drying processes without appropriate control. The Ecomat AML optimises the heating energy required by monitoring…

    High temperature sensor Thermosense HP270

    Thermosense HP270

    Measurement of the fabric temperature

    TemperatureSurface temperature

    Infrared pyrometer

    The Thermosense HP270 is used for non-contacting temperature measurement in driers and stenters and records the temperature of running product webs. The sensor is…

    Textometer DMB: Basic device with handle

    Textometer DMB-15

    Portable moisture meter

    MoistureResidual moisture

    The Textometer DMB is a mobile handy device for measuring moisture on textile webs and bobbins on a wide variety of versions. It determines the moisture content of raw materials, semi-finished…

    Colorscan CIS-12 - accurate dye monitor

    Colorscan CIS-12

    Monitoring of colour and colorimetry


    Detects the slightest colour variations

    The traversing colour scanning system for product inspection. The measuring system used in the Colorscan CIS is based on a spectro-photometer with a 0° /…

    Samplecut FSC - Cut samples out of running fabric

    Samplecut FSC-12

    Sample cutting on-line – without having to stop the machine

    Fabric samples

    Compressed air blade

    To monitor the progress of certain processes, there is no alternative but to take frequent samples at the machine itself.

    This is normally possible only while the product…

    Whether it is apparel, carpets, technical textiles or household textiles - Mahlo supplies high-precision devices for basis weight measurement, web inspection, web guiding as well as for coating and converting nonwovens and woven fabrics.

    In addition, we offer pattern recognition for printed fabrics, process control of parameters such as moisture, dwell time or thread density for textile finishing, color measurement, discharge systems for static charge and much more.

    Mahlo is the only supplier who is offering the entire spectrum of sensors in the market - optoelectronic as well as camera-based technology. This means for our customers that we can really choose the best way to detect their fabric.

    Over the decades, the name Mahlo has become equivalent to straight goods. With special applications for carpets, denim, woolen, printed and other special fabric Mahlo is a partner for all possible processes and plenty of applications.

    In addition to our centerpiece, the straightening machine, we also manufacture systems for fine straightening, special devices for heavy or wide fabrics and needle straightening devices for knitted fabrics.

    As a customer, you choose the suitable solution individually according to your requirements. Together we optimize your process and achieve the highest quality.