Nonwoven - Measuring systems and process control for non woven fabric

Solutions for the production, processing and finishing of non woven material

For the entire nonwoven sector - whether wet wipes, diaper components, non woven geotextiles or medical nonwoven - Mahlo supplies a quality control system that is tailored to the specific application and your individual measurement and control requirements.

Systems ranging from fixed measuring points to traversing measuring systems for single and double-sided measurement with several synchronized scanners are available.

Many of the renowned manufacturers of non woven fabric trust Mahlo’s long-lasting experience in on-line process monitoring and control technologies. Our expertise reaches back several decades, and we strive to improve ourselves every day anew, to optimise efficiency and quality of your production process.

Our experience in the non woven sector and corresponding understanding of process control enables Mahlo to tailor systems especially for the following nonwoven processes:

  • Airlaid / Dry Laid
  • Carded
  • Hydroentangled
  • Melt Blown
  • Needlepunched
  • Spunbond / SMS
  • Spunlaced
  • Wetlaid

Products for nonwoven

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    Qualiscan QMS

    Qualiscan QMS-12 Bestseller

    Traversing quality control system

    DensityThicknessMoistureBasis weightAir permeabilityTemperature

    Web process control

    The Qualiscan QMS is a modular system for measuring, logging and controlling critical process parameters over the entire width of the product, including basis weight,…

    Gravimat FMI

    Gravimat FMI-15

    Control of basis weight / thickness

    Basis weight

    Transmission of beta rays

    The weight monitoring and control system measures the weight continuously, without contact, destruction-free and on moving product. The measurement is based on the…

    Sensor Wilot WMR

    Wilot WMR-12

    Measurement of product width

    Product width

    Reflexion of infrared light

    Automatic width measurement on a running product web. IR LEDs used in reflective mode continuously and precisely determine the product width. The sensor module only…

    Interactive trend display mLog enhanced

    mLog enhanced

    Data analysis and management

    The mLog software is an application for data logging and interactive analysis of historical data for Mahlo equipment. The desktop application runs on an office PC and provides a comfortable…

    Ionizer bar

    Antistat AMW-12

    Discharge system for static charge

    Static charge

    Ionisation of the air

    The Antistat AMW ioniser for trouble-free processing of synthetic materials and of textiles with high charge separation. By ionising the ambient air, the electrostatic…

    Textometer DMB: Basic device with handle

    Textometer DMB-15

    Portable moisture meter

    MoistureResidual moisture

    The Textometer DMB is a mobile handy device for measuring moisture on textile webs and bobbins on a wide variety of versions. It determines the moisture content of raw materials, semi-finished…

    Due to its versatile properties, nonwoven is used today in countless industries for numerous purposes. The production of non woven fabric is a complex and costly process in which quality control plays a special role.

    Depending on the requirements, staple fibre nonwoven, meltblown nonwoven, spunbonded nonwoven or wetlaid nonwoven is used for web formation. After web formation, the non woven web is bonded by thermal, chemical or mechanical processes. Mechanical web bonding produces, for example, needlepunched nonwoven and hydroentangled nonwovens

    A final process step is nonwoven finishing, in which the non woven material is given special properties such as flame retardant, hydrophilic or oil repellent.

    Non woven web is used for a wide variety of applications. A large field of application is hygiene and cleaning products. These include, for example, diapers, interlinings, wet wipes, microfibre cloths or vacuum cleaner bags made out of non woven web. Medical products such as surgical drapes and gowns, mouth-nose protection masks, dressings or plasters are also made of nonwoven.

    Non woven materials are also very often found in technical applications such as geotextiles for drainage layers or erosion protection. Nonwoven filters, insulations and decorative components in the automotive sector, prepregs for transformers or battery separators are also included. This list for non woven applications could be continued endlessly.