Mahlo Onstage: Chinaplas

German engineering expertise at Chinaplas, the most important event for the plastics and rubber industry in China: From 23 to 26 April, the team from Bavarian machine builder Mahlo GmbH + Co KG, led by Chinese representative Frank Fei, will be presenting innovative solutions at Stand H 21 in Hall 2.1.

Innovations to increase efficiency for China's plastics market

With a focus on increasing efficiency in plastics production, Mahlo offers advanced technologies tailored to the changing needs of the industry.

China is a global powerhouse in the plastics and rubber market with stable growth in both production and consumption. In recent years, the country has consolidated its position as the world's largest producer and consumer of plastic products due to the rapid expansion of various industries such as automotive, construction, packaging and electronics. The growing middle class and increasing urbanisation continue to increase the demand for plastic and rubber materials, driving innovation and technological advancements in the industry.

"The landscape of the plastics industry is evolving rapidly," notes Frank Fei, Mahlo's representative in China. "As products become more complicated, manufacturers are faced with the dual challenge of increasing efficiency while paying attention to sustainability." In response to these requirements, Mahlo presents tangible solutions, including the Qualiscan QMS quality measurement system. This modular system, consisting of sensors and measuring frames, monitors critical parameters such as basis weight, moisture content and layer thickness across the entire fabric width. In this way, Mahlo enables a significant improvement in energy efficiency, optimisation of raw material consumption and overall sustainability of production processes.

At Chinaplas, Mahlo will be focusing on advances in non-nuclear measurement technology. For applications that require unrivalled precision, Mahlo offers the Optoscope WLI. This sensor utilises the phenomenon of white light interference and can accurately measure paint layers down to a thickness of 0.4 µm, surpassing the capabilities of conventional systems.

The Infrascope NIR sensor, which uses infrared radiation, provides precise measurements of moisture content and basis weight for different components within the web simultaneously. This technology enables accurate measurements even for extremely thin silicon coatings of 0.3 to 0.5 g/m², addressing challenges that other systems struggle to overcome.

A visit to the Mahlo stand promises valuable insights for industry professionals, as Fei explains: "Our systems, which we will be showcasing in detail at Chinaplas, are designed to answer critical questions facing the world of plastics processing and offer practical solutions for greater efficiency and sustainability." With Mahlo's innovations at the forefront, the Chinese plastics and rubber industry is poised to reach new heights of productivity and environmental responsibility, driving further growth and innovation in this dynamic market.