Whistleblower system

for employes, clients and partners

At Mahlo GmbH + Co KG, we attach great importance to integrity, transparency and responsibility in all our business areas. For this reason, we have implemented a whistleblower system that enables our employees, business partners and customers to confidentially report potential misconduct or violations of applicable laws and internal guidelines.

What is the whistleblower system?

The whistleblower system is a confidential reporting channel that you can use to report unethical behavior, violations of the law or other irregularities within our company securely and anonymously. This system ensures that such reports are investigated independently and dealt with appropriately.

Why do we have a whistleblower system?

The introduction of a whistleblower system is a key component of our compliance and ethics strategy. It serves to:

  •     Identify irregularities: By reporting misconduct, we can take timely action to prevent harm to the company and its stakeholders.
  •     Promote transparency: Dealing with whistleblowing in an open and transparent manner strengthens trust in our company and our business practices.
  •     Create trust: We want to create a working environment where everyone feels safe to raise concerns without fear of negative consequences.
  •     Ensure legal compliance: The whistleblower system helps us to consistently comply with legal regulations and internal guidelines.


How it works

If you would like to make a report, you can do so via various channels that we make available to you. These include a secure online platform and an anonymous mailbox. All reports received are treated confidentially and reviewed by an independent committee.

Your role

Your active participation is crucial to the success of our whistleblowing system. If you have evidence of misconduct or have witnessed violations, please do not hesitate to use our system. Together we can ensure that Mahlo GmbH + Co KG remains a trustworthy and responsible partner.

Report violation

You can report violations using the link below. Your report via the online form will be forwarded directly to an external, neutral body. This external body guarantees an objective and impartial examination of the information. If you wish, you can submit your report anonymously so that your identity remains protected. After the ombudsperson has examined the report, your report will be forwarded to our company.

Report violation

We thank you for your trust and support.

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